Could it Be?

Pixie has had a harsh up bringing when she brakes who will be there to catch her? Could it really be them? Will she fall for him?


3. 5 boys

 It was night time so I just looked on a map for a park and hopped my way there. As I was passing a house it had 5 boys on the front deck, one of the boys made his way down the path and obviously in the light he must have seen my bruised face and heard my hobbling steps. I panicked considering I dont live here nor no where I am going. The young boy kept coming down the path, I hobbled faster trying to get away but i tripped up and fell flat on my face. I heard footsteps running and I dont really remember much else. I woke up inside a really nice home with a boy surrounding me. The next thing i heard was one of the boys scream "Shes coming round" and then foot steps running through the house and then 4 faces appeared above me. I just lay there, they stared at me and the next thing I heard them say was "Please don't scream!" "Please dont freak out". I was laying there and I started to panick and I came back to reality, they were all trying to calm me down and I screamed "where am I" "please dont hurt me". They all looked at me, as if to say that I was missing something. I sat up, my head ached, and my leg was so sore. I was sitting there looking at them all and they were looking back when one of the young boys asked if I would like something to eat or drink.

I nodded quickly and he left the room, I was left with four smashing hot boys and they were starring at me like I was clueless, I really didn't understand. Another young boy with blonde hair and an amazing accent soon after opened his mouth for the first time "Would you like anything for the pain? You had quite a hard fall?" I just smiled and nodded, he quickly left the room. Harry's POV Wow she was stunning , just sitting there, I think she felt a little awkward with the silence. Although Liam soon returned carry her ice water, and placed it in her hands she took a sip and brushed the hair out of her face. She looked beautiful, even with her cuts and bruises on her face. I did wonder where she got them, for such I beautiful girl. We sat in silence for a while and I guess she was looking at us all with blank faces, and looking at the house, as Zayn's house was quite amazing. It was silent until Niall returned and he passed her the panadol, she popped it in her mouth and swallowed some water. It was still silent and so I decided to speak up "What's your name love?" Pixies POV The curly head boy just asked me what my name was I replied with a short "I'm Pixie and you guys are?" The curly haired one replied with a "I'm Harry" the tall one who looked older replied with "I'm Louis" the one who brought me the ice water replied with "I'm Liam" the cute blonde one with the accent im guessing was Irish replied with "I'm Niall" and the quiet one replied with an "and I'm Zayn". My jaw dropped and I couldn't believe it, the boys just looked at me curiously and laughed. " and were one direction?" I replied. I hoped it was them other wise I would have looked foolish and they smiled and said yes that's us. My jaw dropped and I was mesmerised, there sitting in front of me were THE ONE DIRECTION. I didn't say anything just smiled like an idiot. They laughed there heads off at my statement.
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