3. The Walking Dead

 A musty, mildewed stench filled my nostrils and I could see nothing. Something bumped in to my arm an I impulsively flinched.

" Hey, it's just me." Michael snickered.

" I think I found a torch, but it's too dark to see."

" Ah-ha!" I said

" I knew these would come in handy."

I lit a match and a small radius of our our surroundings was lit up with a faint yellow hued light. I lit the tip of the torch and it instantaneously burst into a ball of flame. Even with the torch we could see only about a foot in front of us, but it was enough. It felt like we had been walking for hours and we must have taken at least a dozen turns and corridors into new passages before we finally found evidence of Mimpy. A trail of feathers led us yet another tunnel, but this one was different the passage was narrow and the air was permeated by a pungent, rancid odor. We both proceeded forward step by step....

"Do you hear that?" Michael whispered,

I listened and heard something comparable to that of cartilage tearing,  bones snapping, deep nasal grunts and loud mastication. Michael cautiously crept foward and the torch's light illuminated a gruesome scene; two decayed and decomposed humanoids whose faces and hands were stained crismon red with fresh blood, Mimpy's blood. I couldn't control myself, a slight squeal escaped from my lips, which was almost like a dinner bell to the zombies; allerting them that nurishment was within grasp. A daunting, low throat rumble erupted from one of the zombies and like a bat out of hell flung itself towards Michael and latched onto his arm with corroded, blood-stained teeth, tearing his flesh with ease. A steady stream of blood flowed down his arm. Speechless Michael collapsed and the zombie went in for another bite this time aimed at his belly. His tender skin effortlessly split open exposing his entrails. The scent of fresh blood ecxited the other zombie which abandoned the nearly stripped bare, mutilated chicken corpse for the newly slaughtered boy. I tried to run,scream, anything, but I couldn't. I was in a state of total paralysis. A sharp pang peirced my calf and my left leg gave out. I caught a glimpse of a sharp fanged rat enlarged by twenty sizes in comparison to a standard rodent. It's red eyes were the last thing I saw as I blacked out due to the copious amount of warm blood spewing from my wound. There we both lay, falling victim to an all out feeding frenzy for fabled creatures of  the damned. Surrounded by nothing but darkness. 

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