2. Graveyard

If there's one thing more in the world that I hate more than chickens, it's a dare from Michael. If I ever turned down a dare from him, I wouldn't live a day in my life without him not bringing up my cowardice.

"Fine Mike, you win." I said reluctantly.

"Yessssssssssssssss!" He replied with exuberance.

"But how do we get in without a key let alone without getting caught?"

" We'll just come when the guards are off duty and as for getting in leave that to me." Mike said with a confident smirk.

So it was decided that we meet back at the gate a couple hours before sunrise. Luckily, Michael's older brother was a guard himself so he usually always managed to steal keys and sneak into resticted areas. So this is how I came to be in my current complication. I heared some rustling within a nearby bush and  could barely make visible the figure that emerged from it: Michael.

" Follow me." he said.

We both stealthily crept towards the graveyard entrance gates. Michael removed a ring of keys from his pocket, selected one and carefully inserted it in to gate lock. He pushed the gate open just wide enough to allow us to slip through. An eerie fog was superimposed upon the cold earth. The darkness obscured the true forms of everything from trees to gravestones, nothing was identifiable and the dead silence inhanced the mind's fault of playing dishonest tricks on ones perception of reality. I would never admit it to Michael, but I was undeniably scared. 

" Over there." Mike pointed.

I looked over and saw a wooden door imbedded into the ground. Mike walked over to it and unlocked it with another key.

" Wait Mike!" I whispered.

Bur it was too late, he had already disappeared underground. I knew we were way in over our heads. We had no weaponry, armory nor navigational methods. I had heard rumors that the undead did indeed roam below ground, but I had never met anyone who  actually had the courage to prove such fabrications true. I suppose I was about to find out for myself. Frightned by being alone, I scurried to the catacomb entrance and hopped down into a pit of darkness.    


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