Don't you remember?

Harry and Kaitlyn were best of friends, they were basically hanging out together 24/7. Until Harry entered X-factor, since then they both lost contact. So when they meet again will they fall for each other? or will Harry pretend not to remember because management won't allow Harry to date her?
Only time will tell...........


4. What I won!

Kaitlyn's P.O.V

Ok, ever since Harry left i've been working for a magazine here in London, I have a boyfriend- Nick and one of my bestfriends entered a contest for me and I won! Although I'm not quite sure about the band because I've never heard of them. Is it One direction? yeah I think so well I'm not really a fan.

"Georgia, I'm going now" I yelled across the room which helped since she finally stopped snogging her boyfriend.

"I'm going to miss you!" She replyed pulling me in a great bear hug.

"Yeah you too, Bye!"

"Bye, have fun now!" I ssmiled at the way she said it. Sadly Nick was'nt able to make it since hes got the most busiest job here. (He works at Nandos!)

Anyway, the plane was about to take off and I kept wondering what are One direction like? I thought they were just going to be some snobby teenages but I guess we'll find out....

Harry's P.O.V

"Harry, come on the girl will be here any second!" Screeched Louis

" I'm coming!" He screeched back.

I ran down the stairs and got there just in time when I heard the doorbell ring.

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