Don't you remember?

Harry and Kaitlyn were best of friends, they were basically hanging out together 24/7. Until Harry entered X-factor, since then they both lost contact. So when they meet again will they fall for each other? or will Harry pretend not to remember because management won't allow Harry to date her?
Only time will tell...........


2. Harry, thats great!

Kaitlyn's P.O.V

"Hey, you wanna go grab something to eat, maybe Nandos?" Harry suggested.

"Yeah, lets go." I said enthusiastically. I walked out the door to see Harry laughing behind me. I rubbed my face just in case anything was there then I felt a piece of paper on my back, it said kiss me and had a smiley face sitting next to the message.

"Nice Harry, very mature!" I chuckled my into the car smiley like a cheesy person.

Harry parked up near Nandos. I went to go fetch a table while Harry went to order a chicken wrap for me and a large chicken burger for himself. While Harry and I talked about random things I noticed he kept looking at me with a huge smile on his face but I knew something was up because he never acted like this.

"What?" I said looking into his glowing green eyes.

"Nothing." He said smilng at my reaction.

"Ok, Styles something is up. I have never seen you act like this in your entire life!"

" Fine, you know how I entered for the X-factor? well I got through and I leaving tomorrow." I knew when I looked at him his face turned sad.

"Harry, that's great you got through!" I said making his smile come back to life.

"Yeah it is but the fact is you won't be there!"

"Harry you don't need me to be there, this is your dream don't let me ruin it." I said defensivily.

I can't believe Harry's leaving I'll miss him so much. Kaitlyn keep it together! this is his dream and I can't come between that.

"Come on lets pack your things!" I said trying to be a tiny bit excited although it did'nt work.

Harry's P.O.V

I drove us both back to the apartment. We rushed up stairs and started to pack for myself along with Kaitlyn although I packed all of my personal items. We were done in 30 minutes and I was nearly sleep walking so I took Kaitlyn bridal-style into her room and covered her with a blanket after I hoped into bed myself but I could'nt help thinking tomorrow I would maybe never see Kaitlyn ever again.


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