Don't you remember?

Harry and Kaitlyn were best of friends, they were basically hanging out together 24/7. Until Harry entered X-factor, since then they both lost contact. So when they meet again will they fall for each other? or will Harry pretend not to remember because management won't allow Harry to date her?
Only time will tell...........


5. Harry, is that you? ok maybe not.

Kaitlyn's P.O.V

I rang the doorbell and a guy who was about 19 with brown hair and a stripy t-shirt answered the door .

"Hey love, you must be Kaitlyn?" He said in his sweet voice.

"Yes thats me!" I got in and 5 boys helped me with my bags (they are so nice!). They told me each of there names- Liam was a mascular guy with a bit of a justin bieber styled haircut. Zayn had black hair a may I just say he looked very strong. Niall, who had blonde hair with a sweet irish accent and then there was Louis but there was one boy that looked very familiar-Harry, he had green eyes that caught me every time curly brown hair that always looked perfect and a deep british accent.

"Um, are you ok love?" he asked with his british accent.

"Yeah, do you have a batheroom I could freshen up in?"

"Yeah , just follow me" Louis said. As Louis ascorted me to the bathroom I had a strange feeling I knew who the curly haired boy was, but I was probably being stupid as I would never be friends with a 'popstar'. It's probably for the best if I just kept it to myself besides I don't want to ruin his career.

Harry's P.O.V

Mermories came flooding back, from her just walking in the door she remained perfectly in my mind. To her gorgues brown hair to her flats- just as beautiful as when I came here- left her. Suddenly she just had to go to the batheroom- either she knew me as well or she has a bladder that leaks now and then. Just as I was going to have a chat with her Louis screamed.

"LETS PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!" I responded by running right to Louis trying to get the memories out of my mind.

"Okay. Kaitlyn. Do you have someone special in your life?" She sat there for a while with a smile on her face.

"Yes of a matter of fact I do! His name is Nick, he is the love of my life!" She was gleaming with joy as she spoke. Damn, great Harry she doesn't remember.

"But, there was this one boy. He kissed me, and sparks lit up my body" She said with a wider smile on her glowing face.

"And who is this boy, may I ask?" Louis said giving me a look.

"To be honest I can't remember at all- he just left." With that her smie dropped.

I itterupted. "Louis can I talk to you?" I said

"Yea sure mate." I went up stairs with Louis and as soon as he closed the door I burted-

"Louis, I know her. It's messed up, she was my best friend and then I developed feeling for her and I kissed her."

"Dude slow down! So you kissed Kaitlyn."



"Before X-factor."


"Mate, what are you waiting for. The love of your ife is down stairs and you waited until now to tell someone!" Louis yelled.

"Louis it's more compicated then you think. when I came to X-factor I lost contact with her we never talked and well now she has a boyfriend."


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