Moments In The Hospital

Based on One Direction's Moments brings a story of when one of the bandmembers, Louis, is in a comma. Girlfriend Charlotte (Char) has already dated one member of One Direction and is currently dating Lou but could she have feelings for ANOTHER band member? Could the third time be the charm? She doesn't want to build publicity but she has always had feelings for that band member. She never had the chance to sweep him off his feet so could this be it?


1. The ER

      My hand trembled to touch his skin. I thought if we could have this moment together to be our last it could work. I tried to speak to him but my voice was still. My throat was numb. There he laid on the hospital bed. Tears started to run down my face and fall on the ground. Considering that I love him is only making this harder. I wish I could turn back time. I finally reach out to grab him. To touch him.  I grab his hand and kiss it lightly for a while. That's when they started to rush me out of the ER. 
       "It's going to be okay. He will make it. It wasn't his fault. He will be caught." Liam said as he led me to everyone else who were in the waiting room. Liam sat me down next to Perrie. We sat there sipping our coffee quietly at exactly 2:47 am. I started to shake. I had so much nervous energy so I began tapping my foot. Perrie laid her hand on my shoulder and gave me a look that calmed me for the moment but then made me feel worse. 
       "Hey. Char? Can I talk to you please?" Niall said then quickly facing the floor. 
        "Okay. Sure." I say in reply and follow Niall into the hallway. 
         "Char-Charlotte. Umm. I wanted to say," That's when he looked up. Those blue eyes always drove me crazy. He could always get away with so many things with just one deadly look from those piercing blue eyes.   "It's been a terrible time for all of us. Maybe to get your mind off Lou we should get a cup of coffee." His blue eyes dazzled under the hospital lights as he looked up into my brown eyes.
            "I'd like that Niall but not now. Trust me. Another time just not now." I walked back to the waiting room. I looked at my cup of coffee left there on the table and I decided to go down the hall to get food from the vending machine to full my stomach instead of pure caffeine. I reached the vending machine until someone approached me. 
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