Naive. That's what most people are. They get easily controlled of what's around them, and believes everything anyone says without even finding out the truth. I was naive once; now look at where it got me. I'm Zayn Malik, and I assure you: in the Wizarding World, no one is safe.


1. Chapter One: Meeting Liam Payne

Author's Note: Please read the warnings below. This fic contains themes not appropriate for just anyone. Plus, the story might seem dark in the start, but it will eventually get light as it progresses. I hope y'all would enjoy it!

Warnings: Contains mild violence (non-descriptive), mild suggestive themes, child abuse, slash (boy to boy relationships, to be exact), Ziam (Zayn X Liam) and most likely some descriptive snogging sessions. The story may also contain sensitive topics and may trigger some unpleasant memories. You have been warned.



Everything hadn't been the same after my father died. I know he was an important man, and after he was killed by those men I always believed were the good guys, I started to think differently of everything. I didn't understand anything, but I really, really wanted to. I want to know the logic behind people's actions; the reasons, the flaws. Everything was such a great mystery to me, and I hated being in the dark. Everyone thought I was just a child, so when I asked questions, they never gave me decent answers. It was always in the lines of You're just a child and You wouldn't understand. But I'm not a child, and I do understand. I'm not naive like everyone else.

But they don't get it.

I sat in my train carriage, watching the green fields go by. I was supposed to go back to Hogwarts to start another year. But, really, what's the use of even going to school? It wasn't as if I needed the education. Brewed potions can be bought in stores, and it's quite easy to study plants on your own. My mother and older sisters can teach me how to do spells, and it wasn't as if I need to defend myself against the Dark Arts, what with it being so widespread. In fact, nowadays, it's hard to tell who's good from who's bad. But my schoolmates choose to be so carefree and blind, and that's their choice, then so be it.

I heard some voices outside, which piqued my curiosity. No one goes down to the very back of the train frequently anymore. They had the notion that there's something evil in the beaten-up train carriage next to mine. The interior of the carriage is not so bad, really. The seating just had some slashes and the wood is brittle and dust is practically everywhere, but it was still habitable. I'm not going to mention the Boggart in the train compartment, however, because it's so easy to repel with a simple spell that it's a wonder the cleaners themselves are even scared to go in.

"He's in this carriage, Liam." A feminine voice whispered. They were probably just a few steps from the carriage, since I can hear them clearly. I can even hear her companion's nervous intakes of breath.

"Are you sure?" This time, the voice belongs to a boy. Seeing as it wasn't deeper than my voice, the boy was probably around my age.

"Well, we checked everywhere else, so he has to be in here!"

"Rose, I don't think this is a good idea..."

"But Li, come on! How often do you get this chance? James told me he's always so moody and everything at Hogwarts."


His answer was cut off as the door opened to reveal a girl with fiery red hair, and a brown haired boy that was pink in the face. I was a bit enraged by their lack of manners, but I still tried my best to welcome them as warmly as I could. Well, as warm as this stone-cold personality of mine would allow me to be.

"Hi! Are you Zayn Malik?" The girl said cheerfully. I mentally rolled my eyes. This girl was probably another Muggleborn wanting to see the deceased Prime Minister's only son.

"I believe it's none of your business." I drawled, glancing briefly at the boy. He looked nervous, and, as much as I don't want to be, I want to make him feel welcome. Only him though. I'm not overly fond of his female companion.

The girl looked offended by my reply. She pursed her lips. "I'm Rose Weasley," she stated, her voice rather put off, "and this is my friend Liam Payne. He'd really like to get your autograph." In the end, her voice was just rather mocking. Liam's cheeks reddened, and he hung his head. I almost smiled in amusement. He's really... cute. I never had doubts about my sexuality before because, more often than not, I find myself having crushes on people of the same sex, but I still get attracted to girls, though. I'm pretty certain I'm what people would call bisexual.

Then I recalled that the Paynes are a Pureblood family living somewhere in Wolverhampton. This brought a frown to my face. We most likely have already met, but I cannot remember any encounters with him.

"Weasley, eh?" I asked, realizing that they must feel uncomfortable with me having no kind of response whatsoever. Her face turned a bright shade of red.

"Yeah. What about it?" Liam squeezed her wrist, and I was noticed that his grip was close to her hand. My heart lurched. This wasn't supposed to be happening... yet.

"Nothing." I said dismissively. Standing up, I offered my hand to Liam. I'm suddenly quite sure we've met already, with him being a Pureblood and all. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Weasley gritting her teeth. A faint smile appeared on my face. Good, she gets enraged easily. This may work to my advantage.

"Zayn Malik." I said simply, and Liam shook my hand. "I'm sure we've met already, am I correct?" Liam, if it was even possible, got even redder, and he returned my smile with so much fervor and sweetness that my heart lurched again.

"Yes, I believe we have." He said softly. I felt his hand slowly slip out of mine, but I gripped it tightly (but not tight enough to hurt him) and smiled. It was a genuine smile this time, however small it may be.

"I thought you wanted an autograph?" I asked. He shrugged. I felt a small amount of happiness consume me as I realized that he gripped my hand tighter as well.

"Yes, actually, but Rose-"

But the redhead wasn't there, and the door was wide open. A person with a right mind would know that she stormed out without mine and Liam's knowledge. Moreover, I was pleased that my efforts to drive her away has driven her away.

"Oh." He muttered, genuinely shocked, but not disappointed.

"So... what about that autograph?" A shy smile appeared on his face. He fished out a picture from the pocket in his robes, and he gave it to me. I scanned it first, and I realized it was one of those moving pictures from the Daily Prophet. It was a candid photo, as I was not looking at the camera directly. In fact, I was brushing a hand through my hair whilst walking, and it repeated over and over again like a broken record.

I took out a quill from my pocket and signed the picture. I gave it to Liam, but he made no move to get it from me. Instead, he was looking at me with wide eyes.

"You cut yourself?" He asked softly. He must have noticed the long, deep gashes on my arms and wrists. I smiled grimly. Oh, if only it was that simple. At least hurting myself wouldn't hurt as much.

"No, actually." I told him, a serious look encompassing my face. I motioned for him to sit down, and he did so. I settled in next to him, hoping I wasn't too close even if our shoulders were touching. He didn't seem to mind, though, which I was grateful for.

"Now, promise me you won't tell this to anyone, not even your friends." Perhaps I was being too trustful. Liam here could go running off shouting everything I tell him in the hallway. Yet, he has this aura about him that makes me believe that he could never do that to anyone, even to a complete stranger. And there's just this... connection I feel with him. It's really unexplainable, but it makes feel quite... giddy and makes my heart beat faster than it should.

"Alright." He said, breathing sharply when I leaned close to his ear.

Then I told him everything.

Author's Note: So... is Zayn too young or what? He's only, like, twelve. Am I supposed to make him older? Tell me what you think! I'm really unsure of everything right now. :S Anyway, I'll (hopefully) be posting the next chapter next week, and you'll probably find this on other sites like Quizilla and Wattpad very soon. I'll give out the links as soon as I put them up.

- Justine

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