Niall And Me

well my friend made this for me and Niall <3 i hope you like her work. My name's McKenzie :) Jenna's the one who made it she's also my Bff and theres Alayna my other Bff <3


3. The Phone Call

"hello?" you hear Niall say into the phone. "Niall, its McKenzie" "hey Kenzie" you can hear him sniffling. he hadn't called you Kenzie for years. "Why are you crying?" you ask in a soft tone probably knowing the answer "Because Kenzie! I never noticed how much i loved you!" you were shocked no ones ever said that to you before! "Oh Niall! I love you to!" you say onto the reciver. "will you be my girlfriend?" you were trying all your might to try and not scream "yes!!" you said into the phone. "Thanks babe I'll see you tomorrow" he hangs up. With an excited smile on your face you call Jenna knowing Alayna was at her house. She dosent answer so you leave a message screaming at the top of you lungs! You lay back down in bed thinking of the gorgeouse blond haired blue eyed boy who just asked you to be his girlfriend re-playing the whole conversation in you head when you phone rings. It's Jenna so you answer. "What the heck is wrong?!" Jenna asks franticly "NIALL JUST ASKED ME OUT!!!" you yelled into the phone. then you annoying 10 year old sister Kaydence came into your room."SHUT UP! IM WATCHING TV!" you throw a pillow at her and she finnaly leaves. You can hear Jenna and Alayna still screaming through the phone. wow there crazy you think to your self. well that why we're friends i guess! You get there attention and tell them you will see them tomarrow.

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