Niall And Me

well my friend made this for me and Niall <3 i hope you like her work. My name's McKenzie :) Jenna's the one who made it she's also my Bff and theres Alayna my other Bff <3


2. The Mall

"God, That Niall kid is so annoying!" you say. "oh come on! that talent show thing was six years ago!" Alayna said annoyed. Jenna's phone rings. "Hello?" she says. "oh hey Liam" she says into the reciver. 2 minutes go by with out a word and out of no where Jenna screams "WHAT?!" People passing by give you a weird look and you Alayna look at Jenna asking her what's going on. "Ok babe, i'll tell her." "what's going on Jenna?" you ask her. "NIALL HAS A HUGE CRUSH ON YOU!!! he's just been hiding because he is afraid you wouldnt like him!" "No way!" you say. that was the end of your mall trip. Alayna drives you and Jenna home. You get home and run up stairs to your room. "Come On McKenzie. Just call Him you know you've had a crush on him forever to." you whisper to your self. you diall his number and hold you i Phone to your ear as it ring's.

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