Niall And Me

well my friend made this for me and Niall <3 i hope you like her work. My name's McKenzie :) Jenna's the one who made it she's also my Bff and theres Alayna my other Bff <3


1. The Hatred

"God McKenzie! Your are so wrong!" Niall yelled at you. You and Niall have always been at each others throat's. Today you were forced by your best friend Jenna and Niall's best friend Liam to work together. "No Niall! Im right!" You spat back at him. You two havent liked each other since 6th grade when he showed you up at the talent show. Jenna walked over to see what all the yelling was about. "Come on you two! You cant hate each other forever!" Jenna said. "Just because you and Liam are daiting dosent mean we need to like each other." Niall said with a scowel "Well somebody grumpy" Jenna says as the bell rang. Jenna grabed you wrist and yanked you out of class and you picked up Alayna from home-ec. School was over and you were headed to the mall with you Bff's.

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