Niall And Me

well my friend made this for me and Niall <3 i hope you like her work. My name's McKenzie :) Jenna's the one who made it she's also my Bff and theres Alayna my other Bff <3


6. School

You rush to school for the first time ever. You were so excited! You pull up in you black camaro. You see Niall waiting fo you on the front steps. You run up to him he smiles and takes you hand. As you walk through the halls people stare gasp and start whispering. you think there talking about you but you dont really care. You walk pass Alayna and Jenna they smile and giggle like idiots. wow..... you really feel like an angel then the bell for school goes off. You look up to Niall to see him frowning "Babe, i'll see you second period. can you wait that long?" you ask him sarcasticly "yeah i guess so" and before you know it he pulled you into a kiss. you guys kiss and head you different ways. Y have first period with Jenna and Alayna you sit next to them and jabber excitedly till you go in trouble and had to move away. yea that was awkward. The bell rings and you rush to second period. You see Niall has saved a spot for you. You go and sit next to him. You guys held hands underneath the desk. you get through the day classes mostly with Niall. You head to 6th period you have this period with Niall, Jenna and Alayna. Niall  has after school lessons so you guys kiss and headed home with jenna and alayna. you guys get to Jenna's house "omg! you guys are so cute together!" Jenna says to break the silence. at that moment jenna's brother eathan who is about 12 come's into her room. "whos daiting who know?" he says. i laugh and answer his question "me and Niall are daiting." well i guess that wasnt a good thing because the nex thing you know he singing "Mckenzie and niall sitting in a tre k-i-s-s-i-n-g fist come's love then come's marriage then comes a baby in a baby carrage" "SHUT UP EATHEN" jenna yelled at that he ran out it got pretty late so you called you mum and asked if you could stay at jenna's she said yes alayna did the same but with her mom and she said yes. Tommorow will be the day of you life. saturday all you know is that niall wants to go to the mall and hang out! your really excited!

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