Niall And Me

well my friend made this for me and Niall <3 i hope you like her work. My name's McKenzie :) Jenna's the one who made it she's also my Bff and theres Alayna my other Bff <3


5. contenuing

*sorry hit the wrong button* contenuing with alayna

i have Straight brown hair with small blond high lights.


hello. my names Niall. my original hair color is Brown but i died it Blond. im normal height. im from ireland. im now going out with Mckenzie Richardson. Wow she's beautifull and i know i've had a small crush on her since the talent show. that day i won she was an amazing singer and i could tell she was crushed that she did not win. i just shrugged it off because i didnt really know i had feelings for her then till i really got feelings.


well hello there! Im Liam! im kinda tall. i have brownish hair. kinda curly. im daiting the wonderfull Jenna Moyer. wow i really love her! i met her in 10th grade and it was love at first sight for me! i finnaly got the nerve to ask her out last year!so its been a year. i've all ways known Niall had a crush on Kenzie, Jennas best friend. jenna dosent know yet. me and Jenna got them to work together today. Wow what did Niall do to make her not like him? he finnaly told me after class how crushed she was in 6th grade when he won the talent show and not her. wow. she still mad about that?! it happend 6 YEARS AGO! oh well.


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