The Broken Girl

19 year old Echoe Rennee is your average girl. Smart, well organized, kind hearted, to bad she has a few secrets. No body at her school likes her, her teachers give her bad grades on purpose, her parents ignore her, everyone hates her. She used to have three friends, but they all moved away, and became famous. So now she's all alone. Her life has been so full of torment and pain that she has begun to cut and burn herself. So when the members of One Direction find her, will they find out about her past? What will happen when all five of the lads start to fall? HARD! Who will Echoe choose? What will the others say about her decision? Echoe's life is such a mess, what happens when she finds out something that will forever change her life? Just another thing to add of her list of secrets, to bad this secret can be the death of her.
Poor Echoe, she was once broken, and never repaired.

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2. flashback

"Echoe! ECHOE! damn. Where is that little shit?"

"I'm right here mother." I said as I came running out of the house to the car.

"Well what took you so long?!?" She yelled.

"Y-you asked me, er.....commanded me to get your purse." I stuttered, afraid she would hit me again.

"I DID NO SUCH THING! Trying to steal are you?!?!"

"No ma'am. I would ne-"

"SHUT UP YOU LITTLE BITCH!" She innteruppted. She pulled her and back, and I braced myself for impact. Her hand made contcat with my skin, and I almost cried out. Considering I've been beaten since I was 7, you think I'd be used to a little pain. But no.

Tears were starting to form in my eyes. This is when my father decided to come out of the house. "What's goin on here?!?" He demanded.

Before I had a chance to answer, mother said, "The little bitch was trying to steal my money. Probably so she could buy some MORE Meth, or buy even sluttier clothes, so she can look as much as a whore as she would like." I of course have NEVER bought Meth, or even smoked it, but that's my mother for you.

"She was WHAT?!?" My father screeched. He came running dowm the front porch to right next to me and smaked my face, I fought to keep the tears from spilling out. That would only make them angrier. I tried to ignore the pain, and climbed into the backseat of the car.

It was my first day of school. I knew it would go terriably. Little did I know how wrong I was.


I ran to the girls restroom and leans against the wall. I slowly sank down, and sat on the floor, hugging my legs to my chest. I sat there, crying, wallowing in my own self pity. After crying a bit, I wiped away some of the tears. As much as I can, when I'm still crying. I get up, and slowly make my way to the sink. My legs are shaky, so I grab it to steady myself.

It's only halfway through the day, and I've already made quite a few enemies, and I already want to leave. All the cruel words come flooding back into my mind.




"Douche Bag!"

"Fucking Prick!"





"Suicidal Freak!"


That last one hit a little too close to home. There was no WAY I'd be able to survive the rest of the day. That is...unless.....

I picked up my bag from the floor, and searched around through its contents. I finally found what I was searching for, and stuffed everything else back into the bag.

I look at my reflection through my hair. My eyes are red, puffy and bloodshot. My mascara is running. My hair is a mess.....

I rolled up my sleeve and positioned the razor above my wrist. This would of been my first time on my wrist, but I honestly didn't fucking care anymore. Besides, it's all out of my controll now.

I lowered the razor, and as it was about to make contact, I heard a voice say, "I wouldn't."

Startled, I turned around. I saw, standing before me, a tall brunette. "What's it to you?" I snapped. She said nothing. After a moment of silence, I got a little mad.

"Well?!" I asked.

"Well. What?" She asked.

"Aren't you going to destroy what little self confidence I have like everyone else is?" I was getting a little annoyed.

She just stared at me, then held out her hand. "I'm Danielle Peazer. You are?"

I slowly grabbed her han and shook it. "Echoe. Echoe Renee. Why are being nice?"

Danielle shrugged. "I know how it is to be bullied," she said, "and I don't think anyone deserves it. Especially if you're new." She smiled. I slowly smiled back. "Anyway, I wouldn't cut your wrist if I were you. If anyone sees the scar, they'll just have another reason to make fun of you."

I nod. Understanding slowly sinking in. "Would you like to come eat lunch with me and my friends?" Danielle asked.

"Are they as nice as you?" I ask. She smiled and nodded. "Then I would love to." I said smiling.

On the way out of the restroom, I threw the razor in a trash can, no longer even wanting it near me. Dannielle and I headed to the lunchroom. We both got our lunch, and sat at a table with two other girls. One of them was also a brunette, but her hair was darker than Danielle's. The other had hair so blond, it was almost white.

"Hello." Said the one with white hair. "I'm Perrie Edwards." I smiled in aknowledgement.

"And I'm Eleanor Calder." Said the one with darker hair.

"I'm Echoe. Echoe Renne." I say. They smiled, and started asking me a few questions to get to know me better, and I did the same. No more than 10 minutes later, we were all talking and laughing, as if we'd known each other for years, rather than moments. I'd never felt so happy. These three were my only friends since........well, they were my ONLY friends. I felt that we'd be BFF's forever.


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