The Broken Girl

19 year old Echoe Rennee is your average girl. Smart, well organized, kind hearted, to bad she has a few secrets. No body at her school likes her, her teachers give her bad grades on purpose, her parents ignore her, everyone hates her. She used to have three friends, but they all moved away, and became famous. So now she's all alone. Her life has been so full of torment and pain that she has begun to cut and burn herself. So when the members of One Direction find her, will they find out about her past? What will happen when all five of the lads start to fall? HARD! Who will Echoe choose? What will the others say about her decision? Echoe's life is such a mess, what happens when she finds out something that will forever change her life? Just another thing to add of her list of secrets, to bad this secret can be the death of her.
Poor Echoe, she was once broken, and never repaired.

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1. Chapter 1

I love and hate school. It was a very small school, and very crappy, but to me it was a blessing I get to go at all. My parents hate me so much, I swear the only reason they keep me around is so I can do the stuff they don't want to do. The fact I'm even at school is probably the best gift in the world! There are times where I wanna just leave, but than my parents actually do something halfway decent, and I feel bad about even considering leaving. Yes, I am so weak and helpless.

Everyone hates me. My teachers purposley give me F's and D's. They would just fail me all the time, but then they'd have to put up with me for another year. I know this because I have been told thoes exact words by all of the teachers.

I have gone to cutting and burning. No one knows this of course, it would only give them something else to make fun of. So basically, I don't cut my wrists, unless it's absoulutly drastic. Then a barley nick my wrist, so there is still a lot of pain, but it doesn't scar. I instead cut my thighs and such. This of course means that I can't wear bathing suits, but that's just fine with me. Not only do I have absouloutly no friends, but I am also extreamly insecure. I just wanna die. I remember I used to have three friends. I remember that day so well. It went a little something like this.




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