Preview of untitled fairy tale series

This is an excerpt from the begging of my first movella for this series. I plan to realese weekly stories but this is only the beggining of my first one. The series revolves around a consistent cast of the fairy tale characters we all know and love. I will elaborate on the classic tales and connect the characters. I will stay mostly faithful to the original stories but I will show origins as wee as what happens after. Not everyone is going to live happily ever after. This seties will be darker and more adult than the original tales. This is only a rough draft and honest feedback is greatly appreciated. I also recommend you check out my introduction movella for information on this series and my others. I have also released a right draft version of another series called the movellas but that one is still in the works. I wrote this part today.


1. Excerpt of upcoming series.

   The man was ugly. Tamara had been told that much, but the beast she encountered did not exactly fit her expectations. For one thing, she expected him to be short, but he was rather tall. She had once heard a rumor that his face would be covered in boils, but it was almost completely red and obviously badly burned.
     That came as no shock to Tamara. The majority of Bellus wanted him dead. He wore a long black coat and black trousers and shoes. His bald head also had burn marks. Tamara had only gotten a brief glimpse at him. His story was unknown as well as his name. He was only to be called the Master of Darkness.
     Tamara didn't know if she had been waiting for minutes or hours. In her long life, she had never been so nervous. She was standing in a dark corridor, and was now next in line. The women behind her was young and beautiful, which made Tamara envious. Everyone was dressed in the average clothing of the medieval time period. The man in front her had just been asked by the Master to enter his private room.
     Tamara took notice of the fact that some people who went in did not come out. The door to the room was large and red with golden hinges. Tamara led the long line standing about ten feet from the door, waiting in anticipation.
     "My son, what do you have to offer me?" the Master asked his guest in a quiet voice. He was sitting in a wooden chair as his guess stood before him.
     "Master of Darkness, I offer you..." the man then pulled a knife from his belt and attempted to toss it at the dark masters head. "Death!" he shouted.
     The knife then vanished in thin air and reappeared in the Master's burned hand. It then disappeared again and reappeared in the mans side.
     "You huntsmen, all so foolish. You all believe you are the only one to try and kill me," as he calmly said this, the knife began twisting in the mans gut. He screeched in pain and fell to the stone floor. "You are number five today."
     "Are you going to kill me?" the man managed to ask.
     "I killed the other four...but no. No you're life will be spared."
     "I promise, I will not tell a soul of your locat," he began but was interrupted.
     "Hahaha, of course you would. Given the opportunity you would tell the king himself. I don't really know why I have decided to spare you. You're a perfect coward and you're mentioning of my location is a question of you're intelligence, but I've developed a hunch about you." As he said this the knife violently floated out of the man's side and vanished again. "You are going to play a part in the fall of the kingdom. Yes I believe you will play a very important part," as he said these words he walked towards the man and stooped down next to him. All of a sudden the man began to shrink and slowly transformed into a small green toad.
     The toad then disappeared and reappeared above ground and outdoors to fin for itself. The Master then walked to the doorway to invite in the next guess.
     The Master took a moment to stare at Tamara in astonishment. "Hello love," he said kindly. Tamara did not look beautiful, she was an old, thin, wrinkled women with long dirty black hair but the Dark Master found something about her very intriguing. "Please," he said gesturing for her to enter his room. She did so uncomfortably and he followed.
     He sat in his wooden chair and he conjured up an identical one for her. It appeared across from his in a cloud of thick black smoke. The smoke faded quickly. The two chairs were the only things in the dim candle lit room.
     "Master of darkness. I have brought to you the most precious rose my garden has to offer." The rose disappeared from Tamara's hand and appeared in the Master's as he took a big whiff of it's sweet aroma.
     "My deepest gratitude to you, my child," said the Master. Being called child made Tamara smile. She didn't know how old the Master was, but she knew he was well older than her though he didn't appear to be. "What deal have you come to strike my love?" 
     "I am dying Master. I can feel it. My end is near. I would like to ask you for eternal life and to be young again."
     "That is a hard deal to strike my love, but for you I know a way."
     "What is you're price?" she asked nervously, pulling her brown cloak in covering her body.
     "I can feel you're heart, black as night. You don't even know it yet. You have lived a quiet life have you not?"
     Tamara thought about the question. She frowned and shook her head yes.
     "You kept you're darkness hidden. Kept it inside. My only price is that you embrace it. I foresee great things with you love. Do we have an agreement?"
     Tamara looked at him curiously. "Yes, yes I suppose we do." Tamara realized the Master was right. She did sometimes get the urge to do dark things such as hurting others or even herself. She couldn't understand how he sensed what was buried so deep in her heart. 
     The Master rose from his chair and put his hand on Tamara's forehead. Thick black smoke began to flow on her skin starting at her head and surging down her body. When the smoke vanished Tamara felt no different. She put her hand to her face and felt her wrinkles.
     "Master, you were supposed to make me young again," Tamara said nervously.
     "No love, I gave you the ability to be young again. You must first embrace the darkness inside of you. A child of the age you desire to be must be killed by your hand. You must cut out its heart and consume it."
     Tamara wasn't sure what to say or even think. The Masters demand was darker than she thought she would be capable of. "What happens if I don't or can't?"
     "It is not a matter of if you can, but if you will. If you don't then you will surely die at natures hand."
     Tamara looked sickened. She stood from her chair and ran out of the room and pass the people in line in the corridor. As the Master watched her leave he felt something he hadn't felt in quite some time. A little bit of sympathy. The sympathy made him feel angry, but he sniffed the rose and was calm again.
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