Everything About You

Ashley, Ahria, Alexa, Tara, and Katie were just five normal girls going to a One Direction concert. AND a meet-and-greet. What do they do when Katie gets a DM from Harry?


2. Crazed Fans

~The Next Day~
Katie: *wakes up and nudges Alexa who was sleeping next to her* Alexa. Wake up.
Alexa: *lifts her head up* Huh?
Katie: I did not sleep at all last night.
Alexa: I know. I got maybe two hours of sleep tops.
Katie: I got less than that.
Alexa: Maybe it's 'cause Harry DMed you and not us.
Katie: Maybe. *looks over at the others* Where are all of them?
Alexa: *looks over* Oh, I dunno. Maybe they went to get breakfast. Or I hear water running. One of them must be taking a shower.
Katie: Oh, right. Eh, I don't want to get up right now.
Alexa: Me either.
~Downstairs with Ahria and Tara~
Ahria: These pancakes are amazing.
Tara: I know. So do you think that Niall likes me?
Ahria: Tara.. Niall would be crazy not to like you. You are exactly the same, pretty much.
Tara: Haha. And you and Zayn are like complete opposites.
Ahria: Hey, I'll get it to workout somehow.
Tara: *takes another bite* I just can't believe this is all happening. We went from not thinking we were gonna get tickets, to hanging out with them. Well, almost. We haven't really done the second part yet.
Ahria: Yea, it's crazy.
Katie comes down from taking a shower.
Katie: Hey, guys.
Ahria: *smiles* Hey.
Tara: Hii.
Ahria: Get the pancakes. They are incredible. Best pancakes ever.
Katie: Haha. Okay? *gets her some and sits down*
Eventually, everyone ate breakfast, and got ready, and blah, blah, blah.
Alexa: So when are we hanging out with them and where?
Katie: Oh, I texted Harry last night asking him. And he said-
Katie: Yea, I got his number. He DMed me it.
Ahria: Oh my gosh!
Ashley: How could you not tell us?
Katie: Well-
Alexa: Guys, just shut up and let her finish.
Katie: Thanks. Anyway, I texted him and asked him that and he said it was a surprise where they were taking us and they were going to pick us up *looks at the clock* anytime now.
Ahria: Yaaay!
Finally, the guys show up. Their doorbell rings and all of the girls look at each other like, "Who's gonna answer it?"
Tara: *shoots her hand up* I volunteer as tribute!
All of the other girls: *laugh*
Tara: *runs to the door, fixes her hair, peeks through the peephole and sees them* I don't know if I can do this. Niall is too gorgeous.
Louis: *bangs on the door* Helloooo?
Alexa: It's Louis! Tara! Open it!
Tara: I can't.
Alexa: *starts walking toward the door* Then I'll do it. *reaches for the doorknob*
Tara: No, that's okay! *opens the door* Hi. *smiles*
Liam: Hi. Can we come in?
Tara: Yup. Come on in. *motions for them to come in*
They all come in and sit on the beds next to the girls.
Harry: I think you ladies will fancy the place were going to.
Katie: Where is it?
Harry: You think I'm going to tell?
Katie: I was hoping.
Harry: *smiles* Nope.
Louis: Well, are we going to go or not?
Zayn: Yes, I'm starved.
Ahria: So it's a place that you can eat at?
Zayn: I never said that.
Ahria: Mmmhmm..
Tara: Come on. The suspense is killing me. Let's go already!
Niall: *laughs*
They all get in the car and drive somewhere.
Harry is the first one to get out and he opens all the doors.
Harry: Well, here we are.
Ashley: *gets out and looks around* A park?
Katie: That's the special thing?
Liam: You girls don't like it?
Tara: No, we love it. *gives Ashley and Katie a look that says "That was rude."*
Ahria: It's perfect.
Zayn: But if you girls don't like it we could always-
Out of nowhere, this huge crowd of screaming girls comes at them yelling things like,"I love you!" and "Oh my gosh! It's One Direction!".
Everybody takes off running because it catches them off guard.
They all split into little groups all running in different directions.
~With Tara and Harry~
They ran into the closest building there was without the fans noticing.
Tara: Wow. That was crazy.
Harry: I know. Usually we don't run, but that scared the crap out of us.
Tara: I bet. *turns around* What is this place?
Harry: Looks like a cafe. While we're here, do you want to get something to eat or drink?
Tara: Sure. Why not? *sits down at a table with him and gets the menus*
Harry: *sits down with her*
~With Ashley and Zayn~
They lead the fans around for awhile, but ended up going back to the car and hiding in there until they left.
Ashley: Is hanging out with you guys always gonna be like this?
Zayn: *laughs* No. At least, I hope not.
Ashley: Believe me, me too.
Zayn: I bet you think this is weird.
Ashley: What's weird?
Zayn: That out of all the fans we met yesterday, we chose you ladies to hang out with.
Ashley: Yea, I guess it's weird. But without Katie, it wouldn't have happened.
Zayn: Yea. Harry really fancied your friend, Katlyn.
Ashley: Wow. She'll be glad to here that. I wonder where see is right now.
Zayn: *shrugs* I don't know. You should tell me about your friends. I'm sure you know a lot about mine, but we just met you guys.
Ashley: Any in particular? *smiles*
Zayn: *laughs* Just tell me about all of them.
Ashley: Okay. Well..
~With Alexa and Niall~
They found some equipment to hide in.
Niall: You're Alexa, right?
Alexa: Yup. That's me.
Niall: Oh, cool. Are you hungry?
Alexa: *laughs* Kind of. I'm guessing you are?
Niall: Yea, I am. I think I might have a bag of gummy worms in my pocket. *reaches in his pocket and finds them* Here they are.
Alexa: You would.
Niall: *smiles, opens them, and takes some out* *Holds it out to her*
Alexa: *takes some* Thanks.
Niall: No problem. By the way, you and your friends are really cute.
Alexa: *smiles* Thanks. Tara really likes you.
Niall: *blushes* Yea, I know who Tara is. She's the girl that I took a picture with.
Alexa: Yup. So you like her, too?
Niall: Maybe a little. I'd have to get to know her a little better.
Alexa: Then do it!
Niall: Okay, I will. Any other crushes?
Alexa: Ahria likes Zayn, Ashley likes Liam, Katie likes Harry-
Niall: That was obvious. He likes her back.
Alexa: Yea. And I like Louis.
Niall: Wow. Five and five. Nobody likes the same person.
Alexa: *smiles* Nope.
~With Ahria and Liam~
They ran behind a building and watched the fans run by.
Ahria: Oh my gosh. That was close.
Liam: I know. I'm still learning you guys' names. You're?
Ahria: Ahria.
Liam: Right, Ahria. The only one's I'm absolutely for sure of are Katie, because Harry talks about her so much, and Ashley.
Ahria: And why would Ashley stick out to you? *smiles*
Liam: *smiles* I don't know. She talked to me the most out of you girls at the meet and greet.
Ahria: Mhm. That's why.
Liam: It is!
Ahria: *changes the subject and looks up at the sign above them* This is and ice cream shop?
Liam: *looks up* Yea, I guess so.
Ahria: Let's go! *grabs his arm and pulls him inside* *goes up to the front and looks at the flavors* I'll take a chocolate ice cream cone.
Liam: I'll have a chocolate one as well. *pulls his wallet out*
Ahria: Thanks, Liam.
Liam: No problem.
They start eating the ice cream and get to talking.
Liam: Oh, uh, Ahria.. You have a little ice cream right there. *points to his chin*
Ahria: *feels her chin* No, I don't.
Liam: *pushes the arm that was holding the ice cream up to her chin so she gets ice cream on it* You do now.
Ahria: *rolls her eyes, smiles, and gets a napkin*
~With Katie and Louis~
They also find equipment to hide in, but it was really tight so they were sitting really close together..awkwardly.
Louis: So.. what's up?
Katie: Squished against you. What about you?
Louis: Same. You should be glad this isn't Niall with you. He'd be freaking out by this tight space.
Katie: So would Alexa.
Louis: I wouldn't mind Alexa. *smiles*
Katie: Oo. You like her?
Louis: Well, her shirt did say we were married.
Katie: *laughs*
They start having a deep conversation about random stuff.
Eventually, they start kissing.
Katie: *keeps kissing him for awhile, but then realizes what she's doing* *pulls away*
Louis: *looks at her* What?
Katie: Why are we doing this? Alexa will hate me and so will Harry. Alexa might hate you, too!
Louis: Shit.
Katie: Uh, yea, shit is right.
Louis: We don't have to say anything.
Katie: If I don't, I'll feel awful.
Louis: Just don't. Please.
Katie: *gets out of the tight space* Okay..
~With all of them later~
Ahria: That was..fun.
Liam: You didn't like getting ice cream?
Ahria: I meant running. Yuck.
Liam: Oh.
Tara: Who all went with who? I went with Harry.
Ashley: Zayn.
Ahria: Liam.
Alexa: Niiiall.
Katie: ..Louis.
Zayn: Ashley and I were in the car the whole time, pretty much.
Liam: Ahria and I went to an ice cream shop.
Niall: Alexa and I went on some equipment.
Louis: So did me and Katie.
Harry: Tara and I went to a cafe.
Alexa: So what do we do now?
Louis: Go on the actual dates we were supposed to. *grabs her hand* Let's go.
Alexa: Okay! *follows him*
Tara: Wait. Dates? I thought we were all just hanging out together.
Niall: Oh, so you don't want to go on a date with me?
Tara: Uh, heck, yea!
Niall: *laughs and takes her hand*
Harry: Let's go, Katie! *starts running*
Katie: Wait up! *runs after him*
Ashley: Liam?
Liam: Yea?
Ashley: Am I going with you?
Liam: I don't know. Are you? *smiles*
Ashley: Where are we going? *smiles*
Liam: That's for me to know, and you to find out. *grabs her hand*
Ahria and Zayn stand there awkwardly.
Ahria: So..
Zayn: So?
Ahria: Am I your date?
Zayn: I guess. You're the only one left. *smiles*
Ahria: Haha. Okay. Let's go.
Zayn: Okay. *takes her hand*
~With Alexa and Louis~
They went to the cafe that Tara and Harry went to.
Louis leads her to a table and sits down with her.
Alexa: *looks at the menu* All of the stuff looks good.
Louis: *looks at it, too* I know. I think I'm just gonna get some tea. I'm not hungry.
Alexa: I'm not hungry either. Niall shared some of his gummy worms with me.
Louis: Niall sharing food? Weird.
Alexa: Haha. I know. I was thinking that.
Louis: So what are you getting?
Alexa: Hm.. I don't know. Tea's not my thing. I'll probably get a strawberry banana smoothie.
Louis: Yum.
Alexa: Yup.
They waitress comes by and takes their orders. The drinks come back.
Alexa: Thank you. *takes a drink* Wow. This is good. What kind of tea did you get?
Louis: Honey tea.
Alexa: Oh, cool.
Louis: Sure. *smiles*
Alexa: I know this sounds like a stereotype, but do all people in England like tea?
Louis: *laughs* Not all of us, but most. That is the main beverage there, you know.
Alexa: Yea, I knew that.
Louis: *nods and takes a sip* You know what, Alexa?
Alexa: What?
Louis: I really like you.
Alexa: You do?
Louis: Yea. I do.
Alexa: I like you, too!
Louis: *smiles*
Alexa: *waits for him to ask her out, but it never comes*
~With Tara and Niall~
They go to a spa that was nearby.
They decide to get mud baths.
Tara: Wait, I didn't bring a swimming suit..
Niall: I didn't either. *takes off his shirt*
Tara: *stands there and looks for a second*
Niall: Tara?
Tara: *looks up at him* What?
Niall: You alright there?
Tara: You really shouldn't do that to me.
Niall: Do what?
Tara: Take off your shirt.
Niall: Oh. Haha. *takes off his pants*
Tara: Wait. You're gonna have a mud bath in your underwear?
Niall: You mean my pants? Yea.
Tara: Oh, right. You guys call them pants.
Niall: *laughs* Yea. So what are you gonna take a mud bath in?
Tara: I'm gonna go out and buy a swimming suit. I really don't want you to see me in my underwear.
Niall: No, I'll get it.
Tara: You don't know my size.
Niall: I'll guess. *smiles and leaves*
He comes back with one.
Tara: *goes and tries it on* *comes back out* Wow. You got the size right.
Niall: *shrugs* Good guess.
They both get in the mud bath and had fun talking to each other.
~With Harry and Katie~
Harry takes her to the swing set at that park.
They swing for awhile and start talking.
Katie: Harry.. I really have to tell you something.
Harry: What is it?
Katie: I kissed Louis.
Harry: *sits there for a second* You what?
Katie: I kissed Louis.
Harry: But I thought we had something.
Katie: You thought we were a thing? You never asked me out.
Harry: I just figured since we texted and DMed so much...
Katie: Well, you didn't. I have been sitting back waiting and it never came.
Harry: So you think it's okay to make out with my friend?
Katie: No, I didn't say that.
Harry: That's exactly what you said.
Katie: No, it was an accident.
Harry: *get up* Accident? There's not such thing as an accident. Every thing happens because of something. *walks away*
Katie: *sits there and starts to cry*
~With Ashley and Liam~
They go to the ice cream place that Liam and Ahria went to.
Liam: I already ate here, I'm not hungry.
Ashley: I'm still getting something. I'll pay for it.
Liam: No, that's okay. I will.
Ashley: *smiles* Thanks.
Liam: Yup.
Ashley orders and they get it for her. Liam and her go sit down at a table and talk while she eats.
Ashley: Yea, but I don't think Ahria's brother liked Toy Story nearly as much as you do.
Liam: Hahah. I don't know. We could bond from that.
Ashley: I bet you could.
Liam: *smiles and nods*
Ashley: Now, enough about my friends. I want to hear about you.
Liam: I'm sure you know a lot.
Ashley: Any stuff I don't?
Liam: Hm... Let's see here... I want to date you. *smiles*
Ashley: Me? *smiles*
Liam: No, that old man sitting behind you. *laughs* Yes, you.
Ashley: Yes, of course I will!
Liam: *smiles* Great. *leans over the table and kisses her cheek*
~With Ahria and Zayn~
They went to a store that Zayn randomly picked because he had never been to it.
Ahria: *walks in* You've never been to Hallmark?
Zayn: Nope. It smells good.
Ahria: I know. I love the smell of this place.
Zayn: *laughs* So where do we go?
Ahria: Let's go to the candles.
Zayn: Okay. *follows her to the candle section*
Ahria: My mom and I do this sometimes. We'll go to the candles and smell a ton of them and say which one we like best.
Zayn: Sounds..fun.
Ahria: It sounds more boring than it really is. *takes a pumpkin one and smells it* Gross. Usually, these smell good.
Zayn: *smells it* *makes a grossed out face*
Ahria: Your turn.
Zayn: *takes a rain scented one and smells it* I like it.
Ahria: *smells it* It doesn't smell like rain, but it's alright. *takes a cucumber melon one and smells it* Oo. I love these.
Zayn: *smells it* I don't really like it.
Ahria: Really?
Zayn: Nope.
Ahria: Okay.
They smell a bunch of candles until they got headaches. Then, they went back to meet up with the others.

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