Everything About You

Ashley, Ahria, Alexa, Tara, and Katie were just five normal girls going to a One Direction concert. AND a meet-and-greet. What do they do when Katie gets a DM from Harry?


1. Did He Just DM Me?

Everything About You
A One Direction Love Story

Louis Tomlinson- Born on December 24, 1991. The funny one of the group. He sometimes takes it a little too far, but he definitely doesn't care what anyone thinks.
Zayn Malik- Born on January 12, 1993. The quiet and mysterious one of the group. He is the poser of the group, but can be really funny when he wants to.
Niall Horan- Born on September 13, 1993. The "cute little Irish one" of the group. Obsessed with food. Need I say more?
Liam Payne- Born on August 29, 1993. The sensible one. Known as "Daddy Direction," he keeps the boys in line. Since he has one kidney, he doesn't drink.
Harry Styles- Born on February 1, 1994. The charming one. He's not really afraid of what anybody thinks, much like Louis. They even have a bromance: Larry Stylinson.
Ahria Hyatt- Born on March 31, 1994. The smart one of the group. Always there to give her two-cents-worth. Whether it's needed or not.
Alexa Hays- Born on February 29, 1994. The very random one of the group. In any awkward moment, she'll do the most random things to brighten the mood.
Katelyn Johnson- Born on June 14, 1994. The sensitive one of the group. The littlest things you say to her can hurt her. But she's always there to give great love advice. She likes to be called Katie.
Tara Ryan- Born on May 1, 1994. The funny one of the group. She'll make any situation funny with a joke, or a silly face. Just being around her makes people feel happier.
Ashley Seibrant- Born on November 23, 1994. The popular one of the group. She has tons of friends that absolutely adore her. But her main group of friends are Ahria, Tara, Alexa, and Katie.

~January 15~
Tara: *on the phone with Katie* So when are you guys coming over?
Katie: In a little bit. Hold on. We gotta finish packing.
Tara: Hurryyy.
Katie: We are calm yourself.
Tara: It's "Calm your mammories."
Katie: Whatever. I'm done packing and I'm on my way. You can call the others to see when they're coming.
Tara: Ashley's already here.
Katie: Okay. Bye.
Tara: Bye. *hangs up* Can you call Ahria? I'll call Alexa.
Ashley: Sure. *calls Ahria*
Ahria: Hello?
Ashley: Ahria.
Ahria: Yes?
Ashley: When are you coming over to Tara's?
Ahria: Right now.
Ashley: Yaaay! Okay, bye.
Ahria: Bubye! *hangs up*
Tara: *calls Alexa* *it rings for a long time* Pick uuup..
Alexa: What?
Tara: Alexa. When are you coming over? You guys are taking forever!
Alexa: I have to pack still. Gosh.
Tara: Ugh. *hangs up*
Ashley: Ahria's on her way.
Tara: So is Katie, but not Alexa. She still has to pack.
Ashley: Oh. This sleepover's gonna be fun!
Tara: No kidding. Especially, since we're gonna do that one thing.
Ashley: I know! I'm so excited!
Tara: Haha.
Katie lets herself in and goes to Tara's room.
Katie: Hi!
Tara: Hey!
Ashley: Vas Happenin?
Katie: *laughs* Nothing. I hope this works out tonight. I will be the happiest girl in the world.
Tara: Us too!
Ahria shows up.
Ahria: Hi, guys! What if this doesn't work out tonight?
Tara: We were just talking about how we hope it will.
Ashley: Yea, it should. I mean, we've been waiting for years.
Katie: Yup.
Alexa eventually shows up.
Ahria: Finally! What did you do? Pack your whole closet?
Alexa: Maybe. So what time do the tickets go on sale?
Katie: 7 our time.
Alexa: What time is it?
Ashley: *looks at the alarm clock* 6:30!
Tara: I'll pull up the website. What if we actually do get VIP tickets? We'll get to meet them.
Ahria: I wouldn't know what to say..
Alexa: Me either. Wait do you mean if we bought them or while we're meeting them?
Ahria: Both.
Alexa: Yea.
Ashley: I bet you Liam would look absolutely SEXY in person.
Tara: Yea, but Niall would be better.
Ahria: Nah, Zayn would.
Katie: Hey, you're forgetting Harry!
Alexa: Louis is damn sexy.
Tara: Niall would be better no go backs.
Ahria: Ugh.
Tara: Ha HA!
6:59 rolls around.
They all crowd around the computer having to mouse ready, the credit card out, and everyone is holding their breath.
The time changes.
Tara clicks it as fast as she can, types everything in, and gets the tickets.
Katie: *gets wide-eyed* We got them.
Ahria: *screams*
Alexa: I think I'm gonna cry. I'll see Louis!
Tara: My heart was racing. I didn't think we could do that.
Ashley: Wow. I'm gonna see Daddy Direction.
Ahria: We're gonna see all of them, guys!
They are so excited that they all scream and Tara's dad tells them to quiet down.
Tara: *laughs and yells back* Sorry, Dad!
The concert was for June 15th in Omaha.
~February 29~
Happy 18th Birthday, Alexa!
~March 31~
Happy 18th Birthday, Ahria!
~May 1~
Happy 18th Birthday, Tara!
~June 14~
Happy 18th Birthday, Katie!
~June 15~
They drove to Omaha in Ahria's car. They are in their hotel room getting ready for the concert in a couple hours.
Tara: We're meeting them before the concert, right?
Ahria: Yup!
They all have outfits on that they made themselves. Each of them are different colored shirts and black shorts.
Alexa: Purple shirt that says "Mrs. Tomlinson" on it. On the back, it has a carrot. The butt of her shorts say "Louis".
Ashley: Red shirt that says "Mrs. Payne". On the back, is a spoon. Her shorts say "Liam".
Tara: Green shirt that says "Mrs. Horan". On the back, it says "Nandos". Her shorts say "Niall".
Katie: Orange shirt that says "Mrs. Styles". On the back, is a cat. :) Her shorts say "Harry".
Ahria: Blue shirt that says "Mrs. Malik". On the back, it says "Vas Happenin?". Her shorts say "Zayn".
They all have their hair curled. The time for the meet and greet comes around.
Katie: Are we ready?
Alexa: Let's do this!
They head to the meet and great and stand in line. All of them stand there, really nervous and trying not to scream.
Tara: *peaks over everybody* We are getting so close. They are so cute.
Ahria: Not fair. I can't see.. I'm short.
Tara: Jump on my back.
Ahria: Okay. *jumps on* Wow. They're perfect.
Tara: *lets her down* Nobody is.
Ahria: You know what I mean.
Tara: *laughs* I know.
Soon, they are at the front of the line.
Liam is the first one in the line.
They all say hi, but Ashley says it the loudest.
Liam: *laughs* Hi, babe.
Ashley: *says quietly* Oh, my, gosh.
Then, they say hi to Harry.
Katie: Harry, you're adorable!
Harry: Thanks.
Katie: *hands him a note* Read this later? Okay?
Harry: Alright.
Katie: Promise?
Harry: *smiles* Promise.
Next is Niall.
Tara: Nialler! Hi!
Niall: Hello, how are you?
Tara: I'm great. Can I take a picture with you?
Niall: Of course! *takes her camera and takes a picture, hands it back to her*
Tara: Thanks!
Niall: *smiles*
Next is Zayn.
Ahria: *waves and smiles* Hi, Zayn.
Zayn: Hello.
Ahria: You like my shirt? *spins slowly so he can see her shirt and shorts*
Zayn: Haha. Yea, I like those.
Ahria: Can I have a hug?
Zayn: Sure. *hugs her and kisses her on the cheek*
Ahria: *blushes and moves on to Louis*
Next is Louis, obviously.
Alexa: Louis!
Louis: Hi!
Alexa: Louis, I am in love with your suspenders.
Louis: My suspenders? Oh, you mean my braces. Well, thanks! I like your shirt.
Alexa: Haha. Thanks! I know you get this a lot, but I love to eat carrots.
Louis: *smiles*
~Later after the concert back in the hotel room~
Ahria: That concert was sooo amazing!
Ashley: I wish I could go back to meeting them again. That was incredible.
Tara: No kidding.
Alexa: Hey, Katie. I saw you handed Harry something at the meet and greet. What was it?
Katie: Oh, I gave him a note that said, "Hi, Harry. My name's Katie. My friends and I absolutely love you guys. You know what would be really, really cool of you? If all of you guys followed us on Twitter." and then I gave him all of our Twitters.
Tara: *gasps* What if they do?
Ahria: Genius! *hugs Katie* I love you forever, Katie.
Katie: *laughs and hugs back* I love you, too, Ahria.
Ashley: Of all of them, Liam would be the first to follow. *smiles*
Alexa: Yea, he would.
Tara: It's only an hour after the concert. You think they would have followed us already?
Ahria: Probably not.
Ashley: Doesn't hurt to look! *gets on her phone's Twitter* *looks up at them with her mouth open*
Alexa: What?
Ashley: They all followed me!
Katie: That means they must've followed all of us!
They all reach for their iPods or phones to look.
Ahria: Oh. My. Gosh.
Alexa: *holding in a scream*
Tara: Wow. I can't believe this.
Katie: Harry tweeted me too!
Ahria: What did he say?!
Katie: He said, "Hey, babe. I followed you like you asked! ;)"
Alexa: Luckyy!
Katie: And he DMed! He asked if we could hang out with them tomorrow because we were "really cheeky."
Ahria: Can I scream?
Alexa: Do it!
Ahria: *screams*

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