Ok well Rylie had an accident and she had minor memory loss, causing her to forget everything about Liam. She thinks she misses him, but she doesn't know. Does he? Will he come back? OR will she have to go to him? Maybe something happens and they run into each other.... Read to find out. Working on Chapter Two.


1. The Accident

Rylie's POV

Hola. This is Rylie. You might be expecting some sob story or maybe even a tale where the only things that go wrong are the boys' relationships (wahhh so upsetting, right? They just make you feel pitiful). HAHA YAH RIGHT. First of all, I don't even think four out of the five of One Direction know I exist! Second of all, Liam Payne probably doesn't even remember me, I sure as hell don't remember him. Not that I care, I have my own problems and he has his. Problem? Nah. I just wish that maybe... Just maybe, I could just get an aha moment and everything will come back. Every moment we ever shared. I really do miss him. I think. I look at pictures where we are always smiling and it makes me want to have a reason to smile now. But I don't, really. Not that I'm sad or have a sad life or anything, I just don't. It's quite boring if you'd ask me. At least I remember everything else, right? But why not him? I haven't any idea.

(Rylie's Mother) Katerina's POV

Rylie just came home from shopping with Lynne. She asked me about Liam, like always. I told her the same story I tell every time she asks. She doesn't always admit it- she likes to keep her feelings to herself, she's quite the shy one- but she really does wish she could turn back time. To know what Liam was like. But... She can't. We haven't talked to his family for years, ever since he moved to London. Now he's famous, and she's lost all hope. She thinks no one notices, but everyone does. Why must she be so hard on herself?


The Story: A few years ago, Rylie got in a car accident with her friend Lynne's family. The family was OK because the car was only crushed in the back. However, Rylie happened to be sitting in the very back seat. When the car swerved, she hit her head on the window and it shattered as she flew out of the car. The ambulance was almost too late. By the time it arrived she was in a pool of blood laying on the road barely breathing. The driver (drunk) who hit them was in even worse condition because he died almost immediatly after the crash. His fault, he payed the price. But so did Rylie... She was rushed to the hospital and (obviously) she survived. The head wound caused minor memory loss. But not minor enough to remember Liam. The only thing the doctors could do was their last resort. They only do it on rare occasions because... It's dangerous. But they didn't want her to DIE. So they turned her. They turned her... Into a vampire.



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