Don't Change

Harry Styles and his best friend Gracie have always been so close. But when Harry becomes a big popstar sensation. Gracie gets left behind, She goes on a trip to london where she happens to bump into Harry. This is going to be one heck of a vacation :)


6. Chapter 6


Gracie’s P.O.V 

I slammed the door and rushed down the road, Tears streaming down my face as I ran. My  brown hair fell out of my ponytail so I let it fall on my shoulders. I ran until I got a quiet park and sat down on the bench. I was furious and full of sadness I had no idea what to do so I grabbed out my phone, I looked at my contacts I had no one to contact until I saw my best friend Samantha but I call her sammy she is naturally pretty she’s got black hair and blue/green eyes. She has always been there for me, Listened to me when I needed someone and quite frankly I needed someone to talk to. I hit the call button and prayed she would pick up .

“Hello” A warm soft voice said 

“ Sammy!! Hey it’s Gracie” I said as I tried to be happy but it was no use she could see right through me.

“ Whats wrong Gracie” She said worriedly

“ I-I saw H-Harry” I sobbed 

“ Oh Gracie don’t worry he’s not going to hurt you! If he does just give me a call” She said reassuringly

Oh I was actually wondering if you could come and spend the week with me I can’t do it alone” I begged

“ Uh Gracie I don’t know I gotta ask be right back” She said 


“ Gracie I can COME!! “ She screamed into the phone 

“ Oh my gosh! Yay I can’t wait but i’ll mail tickets but you better start packing your leaving tomorrow!” I laughed.

“ Jeez Gracie still leaving things till the last minute!” She giggled

“ You know me so well” I said 

“ Ok I gotta go i’ll text you when I land bye bye Gracie” She said 

“ Bye bye Sammy love you” I smiled. We both hung up,I heard shouting I turned around to see....


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