Don't Change

Harry Styles and his best friend Gracie have always been so close. But when Harry becomes a big popstar sensation. Gracie gets left behind, She goes on a trip to london where she happens to bump into Harry. This is going to be one heck of a vacation :)


5. Chapter 5


My mouth flung open 

“ WHAT”I screamed at Carter. I began to turn away but  he gripped my hand before I could get away.

“Let go of me” I snarled through my teeth.

“No not until you promise to run away” he begged 

“Fine” I spat at him. We carried on and entered the house

“Wow it’s beautiful” I exclaimed

“ Haha thanks” Carter said We then went into the living room and there stood the five boys I thought I would never see again but unfortunately that didn’t happen. 

“ Gracie this is Liam,Louis,Niall,Zayn and Harry” Carter introduced. 

“ Yeah I know we’ve meet” I said frowning at Harry. 


Harry’s P.O.V 


When Gracie through that door the thoughts of us when we were little came flooding back to me. I have no idea why she is hating me so much but i’m going to find out no matter how long it takes.


“ Gracie this is Liam,Louis,Niall,Zayn and Harry” Carter introduced.

“ Yeah I know we’ve meet” She said frowning at me

Woah what did I do? I thought in my head.Well two can play at this game.


“Yeah we’ve meet” I said smirking. 

“Oh that’s great well I guess Gracie you can share Harrys room” Said Carter happily.

“WHAT” We both said Screaming

“ Oh shut up it’s not going to be that bad anyway theres to beds!” Said Carter angrily.


Great this is going to be an awesome 3 weeks I thought sarcastically. 




Carter’s P.O.V 

I  wandered into the kitchen and found Niall stuffing his face with chips.

“Haha Niall how do you eat so much and never get fat” I wondered.

“ Well I’m not like most people” He said with a mouthful. 

“Obviously” I smirked. I grabbed an apple headed back to the living room. And saw Louis,Zayn and Liam together discussing something so just stood there and eavesdropped .




Louis P.O.V


“ Man Gracie is cute” Niall mumbled.

“Naa man I called dibs” Zayn argued

“ Actually I think none of us gets her.. You know cause Harry!” I pointed out. 

“ Damn” They both frowned. And with that the conversation ended. 

“ Hey! what you guys doing? oh and by the way remember the talk we had no flirting with Gracie!” Carter said. Our cheeks went all red like a tomato.

“It’s ok I think Harry’s got that covered you saw the way he looked at her” Zayn pointed out.

“Ok i’m going to go check on them to see how their going” Carter said nervously. 


Carter’s P.O.V

I frantically ran up the stairs and knocked on Harry’s but stopped as soon as I heard yelling.


“ YEAH WELL I DIDN’T MEAN TO!” Harry shouted angrily.

“THAT’S IT BYE I’M LEAVING!!” Screamed Gracie. She burst opened the door. Her eyes were red and had tears bawling out. She looked so fragile I ran over to her to hug her but she ran down the stairs and stepped outside slamming the door.

“Niall, Louis,Zayn can you please go find her and call me when you have found her” I begged. They all nodded their heads and went off to search.

“Harry explain NOW!” I said furiously. 

Hey guys what do you think.. I know not my best chapter but I hope you liked it :D  

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