Don't Change

Harry Styles and his best friend Gracie have always been so close. But when Harry becomes a big popstar sensation. Gracie gets left behind, She goes on a trip to london where she happens to bump into Harry. This is going to be one heck of a vacation :)


2. Chapter 2



Hey guys this is my first story so please tell me what you think! :)

Gracie's P.O.V 


'' Ahhhh Harry, Harry let go of me! You're gonna get me dirty! '' I shrieked as he tried to throw sand at me. 

'' Oh well get over it  you can wash yourself in the water '' He laughed.

'' But Harry'' I protested  ''No Grace no excuses'' He exclaimed 

'' Fine'' I frowned.

Without hesitation Harry ran at full speed then tackled me to the ground I grabbed his t-shirt causing him to fall with me. We both laid on the ground laughing. 

''Harry'' I began.

''Yeah Gracie'' He said.

'' When we grow up and we become a famous singer will you promise not to change and we will be best friends forever?'' I wondered .

'' Of course you'll be my best friend forever! '' Harry cheerfully.

''Gracie, Harry you have to come back now'' Both our mothers said. 

(Flashback ended.)

My eyes started to water just thinking of the day when we were ten and he promised to be my friend forever.  My mind became full of anger and sadness of the day when he forgot me, my eyes started to pour down like a waterfall. 

Grace you gotta stop crying over him it's no use I thought to myself. I got out of bed and headed to the living room. 

I flicked on the T.V and to my surprise a One direction interview was on I began to watch it because nothing else was on.  

'' So how is the tour guys '' Said the Interviewer she had way to much make up on which made her look like a barbie doll. 

'' Yeah it's going great the fans are amazing and it's so much fun'' Said Daddy Direction aka: Liam (See what I did there haha)

''So here is a question that I know every directioner wants to hear which one of you's are single or in a relationship?'' She asked

'' I'm taken'' Said Liam to start it off.

'' I'm also taken '' Said Louis .

'' I am taken '' Zayn responded.

'' What about you Harry and Niall '' The interviewer wondered according by the name tag her name is Ashley.

'' I'm single'' Said Niall cheerfully.

'' I uhm i'm taken he stated. 

My mouth dropped open, my head became full of questions, Who is she , How long have they been dating,  Where did they meet? My mind was about to explode! 

My stomach dropped a bit what was I feeling was it jealousy? No it can't be and I left it at that. 


What did you guys think of it?

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