Don't Change

Harry Styles and his best friend Gracie have always been so close. But when Harry becomes a big popstar sensation. Gracie gets left behind, She goes on a trip to london where she happens to bump into Harry. This is going to be one heck of a vacation :)


13. Chapter 13


Hey this is an update hope you like it :D



Lara’s P.O.V


We all headed into the house I had to say I was a bit nervous but being the crazy red haired girl I am I was never nervous so I just shrugged it off. Gracie went in first the I and then Sammy. We came face to face with the rest of the boys of One direction. 



“ Hello Lovelies” They all said in union at that moment my heart melted and I fan girled inside but I tried to hide it. I was pretty pathetic as I ended up smiling like a dick. ‘Great Lara so much for hiding it’ I thought to myself.


“ Hello I’m Sammy” She said calmly jeez how is she so calm! I thought angrily my thoughts  got interrupted as I heard Harry say

“ And your name is?” He wondered 

“ L-l-lara my name is Lara” I said grinning like an idiot.

“ Oh Lara and Sammy nice names” Harry said winking causing me to giggle. I looked over to see Gracie frowning and what was that? Jealousy? No it can’t be Harry’s gotta girlfriend but I’m going find out sooner or later. 


“Ok guys lets go and do something” She said giving a small smile. 

“ Ok” We all said together

“ But what?” I asked

“ What about a movie?” Liam suggested

“ Sure i’ll go pick one” Gracie said 

“ I’ll come with you” I said giving her a smile 

“Sure” She said walking away so I ran to catch up with her. 


Gracie’s P.O.V 


I don’t know what was happening but the way Harry winked at Sammy and Lara made me so jealous but I don’t know why he’s gotta a girlfriend.

“ Ok guys lets do something” I said changing the subject

“ But what?” Lara asked

“ What about a movie?” Liam suggested 

“ Sure i’ll go pick one” 

“ I’ll come with you” Lara said 

“ Sure” I said giving her a smile as I walked away. I turned around to see she caught up with me. I gave her a smile I tried to study her face she looked worried and confused.My eyes flickered back to the see we were there. I quickly ran over and had a look at some of the movies.

“ Woah some movie collection” Lara said looking stunned. 

“ Haha yeah I guess” I said giving her a grin

“ Look Grace I know somethings wrong so tell me” She said heading my way

“ What? Nothing wrong with me” I said acting innocent

“ Come on Grace don’t play dumb with me” She said frowning 

“ Fine fine I guess what i’m trying to say is I like Harry” I mumbled looking down

“ I KNEW IT!!” She said jumping up and down. I gave her a confused look

“ Oh well when Harry winked at us I could tell you were jealous” She said after she calmed down

“ Was it that obvious?” I said looking up 

“ Ehh I dunno maybe” She said smiling

“ Come on pick a movie and lets go” I said. 

“ Ok lets watch the Notebook!” She said grabbing it.

“ Oh ok lets go now” I said getting up we went and made our way to the lounge to see the one and only Harry Styles and his Girlfriend. 


Hello guys it’s Gracie here hope you guys liked this update and 

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