Don't Change

Harry Styles and his best friend Gracie have always been so close. But when Harry becomes a big popstar sensation. Gracie gets left behind, She goes on a trip to london where she happens to bump into Harry. This is going to be one heck of a vacation :)


11. Chapter 11


Grace’s P.O.V 

The person took off their hoodie my mouth dropped open and my began to water, the red fiery hair the grayish eyes and her devilish smile it all came back to me it was one of my best friends.... Lara. My dad made me break our friendship we couldn’t talk to each other  nor even go near each other. If we ever went near each other he used to threaten me so I decided to play the safety card and not mess with him. 

A wide smile grew across my face as I sprinted to her. I wrapped her in a big bear hug and Sammy came over and joined us.

“ Aw I’m so happy your here!” I smiled 

“ I missed you so much” Lara exclaimed 

“ Same I have missed you and Sammy but now we should get going” I said pushing them towards the door. We grabbed hold of the door and walked towards the car. We stopped as soon as we got to the car. Lara’s mouth dropped open she ran to the car examining it and doing a lot more typical Lara she’s obsessed with One Direction but thats why I love her. I looked over to Sam she was thinking the same thing 

“ Lara! stop touching the car people are looking!” Sammy shouted looking embarrassed 

“ Aww is Sammy getting embarrassed by me” Lara cooed as she walked over

“ Shut up I just don’t want people looking while you were looking weird” She said grumpily me and Lara both looked at each other and started laughing. 


“ Come on guys I want to show you the boys” I said smiling ushering them towards the car. I unlocked the car and they hopped in with their bags I put in the keys and drove off.

I had to say I missed having my best friends i’ve never been so happy in my life I thought to myself. 

I turned on the radio and we sang along to ‘Where have you been’ by Rihanna I had to admit we sang really good!.We pulled up on the driveway and hopped out. I turned to Sammy and Lara who had big smiles on their faces while Lara was jumping up and down.

“ Lara calm down they are just boys” I said


“ BOYS?!?!? THEY ARE FREKIN ONE DIRECTION” She screamed while I laughed.

“ Aw I missed your funny personality” I laughed and with that we skipped up to the door and knocked on the door....

Harry,Niall and Liam answered the door I spun around to see the look on Lara and Sammy’s face. Lara had her mouth dropped open but shut it as soon as she realized we were looking haha embarrassing I thought to myself while Sammy just stood there acting normal. They soon enough snapped out of it and we entered the door.



Sorry I know such a boring chapter but I tried my best :D

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