Found. (A One Direction Fanfic)

Olivia is a 14 year old freshman girl who lives with her father. Ever since her mother died, her father has been very abusive to her. He kicks her, punches her, hits her, and even tries to kill poor Olivia! She runs away to an abandoned cabin and stays there until she meets someone she will never forget. Read to learn her crazy life trying to run away from her evil father, who wants her dead.


4. Oh no!

Olivia's POV-
I shot my head to the side to find a big security guard running after me.
"Ma'am! Wait! Are you Olivia Hilton?" The security guard asked me, panting.
"Yes.... Why?" I replied a little uneasy.
"Your father has been looking everywhere for you! Come on, he's right over here," he said and started dragging me towards my father who was standing by the exit, smiling. I tried to get out of the mans grip but he wouldn't let go. I looked back and found Harry and Louis running after me.
"Help!" I mouthed to them. They ran faster but 2 more security guards held them back. I could hear the guards talking to them.
"I'm sorry but you two need to stay away from her, fathers orders," one of them said. Harry looked at me and mouthed "I'll find you!" Tears brimmed my eyes as we finally reached my father. He gripped my wrist tightly and smiled at the guard.
"Thank you so much, sir!" He said and the guard nodded. He dragged me all the way to his beat up, white van.
"Get in," he demanded. I crossed my arms and refused.
"Get. In. NOW!" He yelled. I tried to hide my fear. I just stared at him. He grabbed my arm and pushed me inside the van. I lay in the back of the van where there are no seats and Rick climbed in behind me. He stands over me with an angry expression on his face.
"You think your so funny huh? Running away? Your more safe with me than you are with those two boys," he said through gritted teeth. I tried to get up but he pinned me back down.
"No! They actually helped me when I was suffering! All you ever did was hit me and yell at me!" I yelled at him. He slapped me really hard. A tear slipped from my eye, sending it rolling down my cheek and onto the carpet of the van.
He was about to kick me when two fat security guards knocked on the window of the van.
"Sir! Sir! We need to speak to you!" One of them said.
"Stay here." He demanded. I rolled my eyes and stood up. I listened to their conversation from the front seat.
"Your daughter stole something from the mall. We need her to come with us." My eyes grew wide. I didn't steal anything. I climbed out of the van and smiled at my father. He glared at me.
"Come with us, Olivia," one of them said and grabbed my arm. The other one grabbed my other arm and they dragged me towards the mall entrance. They made a quick turn and threw me in the back of a car. I sat up and looked around.
I watched as the two security guards took off their uniform, revealing fat suits. Once they got the fat suits off and climbed in the car, I noticed how they looked familiar.
"Hello, love!" One of them said in a thick British accent.
"Louis?" I swear it was louis...
"And Harry!" The other one said.
"Harry! Louis! What? Thank you for saving me! But why did you scare me like that?!" I yelled punching Harry's arm. They laughed and quickly drove away.
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