Found. (A One Direction Fanfic)

Olivia is a 14 year old freshman girl who lives with her father. Ever since her mother died, her father has been very abusive to her. He kicks her, punches her, hits her, and even tries to kill poor Olivia! She runs away to an abandoned cabin and stays there until she meets someone she will never forget. Read to learn her crazy life trying to run away from her evil father, who wants her dead.


3. Mansions and Thongs

Olivia's POV-
The van pulled up in front of a HUUUGE mansion. My mouth dropped wide open.
"Close your mouth! You'll attract flies," Harry said winking. The other boys chuckled and hopped out of the car. I couldn't move. I've never even seen a house this big! Louis had to drag me out of the car.
"You guys live here?" I asked, astonished.
"Just while we are together in London," Liam said. We made our way up to the mansion.
"This is amazing!" I said as we walked through the enormous front door.
"I'll show you your room," Harry said. He led me up the long, swirly staircase to a room. He opened it and I gasped in amazement at how big the room was. There was a beautiful bed that hung from the ceiling and a small set of stairs the led to a couch and chairs.
I sat on the bed and it swayed back and forth. I smiled.
"Thank you so much!" I said giving Harry a hug. "I don't know how I will ever pay you back!"
"First off, you can change out of those clothes," he said eying my bloody, ripped clothing. I giggled.
"I don't have anything to change into..." I said looking at the ground. He walked into a room and came back out with a pair of hot pink sweat pants and a bright yellow v-neck. I looked at him confused.
"My sister used to stay with us and these clothes don't fit her anymore," Harry said smiling. I walked into the bathroom and quickly changed. I threw my hair in a messy ponytail and walked out with the bloody clothes in my hands.
"Looks like someone needs a makeover!" Louis, who is now sitting on the bed with Harry, said. I giggled and he gave me a hug.
"Why don't we take you on a shopping spree? Your hair is a mess and Gemma won't be too happy if she finds out someone has been using her clothes..." He said.
"But I don't have any money," I said sullenly.
"We'll take care of that," Louis winked at Harry and I laughed.
"Thank you!"

The lady at the hair salon took a long time trying to brush my long hair. Once she got all the knots out, she washed my hair and took me back to the chair. She started cutting a little off the bottom and she gave me side bangs. She blow dried my hair, straightened it, and finally, I was done! Louis payed and Harry was flirting with one of the younger stylists.
"Harry!" I yelled. He quickly made his way over to Louis and I and we walked around town, looking for a good clothing store.
"Let's go here!" I said gesturing to Hollister.
"Good choice!" Louis said. He walked into Victoria Secret which was right next to Hollister. I giggled and ran after him.
"Oh there you are!" Louis said. "Excuse me, ma'am, but do you have any thongs?" He asked one of the workers. I tried to keep in my laughs but the look on the woman's face was priceless! I busted out laughing and so did Harry.
"Oh my god! I can't believe you louis!" I said walking out of Victoria Secret. "This time, lets go into Hollister," I said winking at Louis.
They made me try on a bunch of clothes and we ended up buying 4 dresses, 3 pairs of heels, 4 pairs of short shorts, 3 pairs of skinny jeans, 2 skirts, 6 different shirts, and a string bikini that Harry picked out. We were walking out of Hollister when I thought I saw someone running towards me.
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