Found. (A One Direction Fanfic)

Olivia is a 14 year old freshman girl who lives with her father. Ever since her mother died, her father has been very abusive to her. He kicks her, punches her, hits her, and even tries to kill poor Olivia! She runs away to an abandoned cabin and stays there until she meets someone she will never forget. Read to learn her crazy life trying to run away from her evil father, who wants her dead.


6. Home Alone... Kinda

Olivia POV-
I woke up the next morning and felt really happy. I jumped up out of bed and ran into Harry's room. He wasn't there. Oh yea! One direction was recording today. I grabbed my iPod and some head phones and decided to go on a run. I didn't want to get really sweaty so I didn't run too far.
When I got back, I walked straight to the kitchen to get a snack. Since nobody was home, I started singing along to 'We are never getting back together' by Taylor Swift. I honestly don't think I'm such a great singer, which is why I don't sing in front of other people. My voice was actually sounding pretty good! The song ended and I was going to go take a shower. I turned around only to find the whole band staring at me and smiling. I felt my cheeks turning bright red. Oh my god... I can't believe they actually heard me!!!! I pulled the headphones out from my ears and stared at the grinning boys.
"Don't be embarrassed love! You sounded great!" Louis exclaimed.
"Really?" I asked.
"Yeah! Have you ever thought about auditioning for the xfactor?" Niall asked.
"Not really..." I replied.
"Well, you should think about it. I think you have a chance at winning first!" Zayn said, assuringly. Liam gave me a pat on the shoulder and a quick hug.
"Let's watch a movie!" Liam said. The other boys agreed.
"I'll have to pass," I said and went to my room. I got in the shower and felt the warm water rush down my body. When I got out I quickly wrapped a towel around my tiny body. I put on a pair of dark denim skinny jeans, a loose neon pink shirt, and some cream colored toms. I dried my hair and put it into a messy bun. I picked up my RayBans and walked downstairs. All the boys' jaws dropped when I walked downstairs.
"I'm going on a walk!" I shouted and walked towards the door. I felt a large hand grab my arm and spin me around.
"Where are you going?" Harry asked.
"To the park..." I said. Gosh, he has been very overprotective over me lately.
"Ok, be careful!" He said.
"You too!" I yelled. With that I walked out the door.
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