Me, Myself & I


1. The Morning Plans

I had a big day ahead and I wanted to start out on the right path so I worked a schedule out so I didn't miss anything important and so I could work out how much time I needed for each thing that I needed to do I also wrote a little note next to each item as to where it was going to be happening.

My day started brightly as i woke up to my song playing in the background, I loved this song and so did my fans, the song meant everything to my lovatics and I knew that.

I got out of bed and opened the curtains to a nice sunny view with not a cloud in sight.

After a while I went downstairs to make breakfast, I made toast and jam and while I was making it I opened the kitchen window and the morning breeze hit my long tangled blonde hair I could feel the cold warm air hit my face softly and it was amazing, the sun was there and there still wasn't a cloud in sight.

I fell into a daydream as I was staring out of the window that I just opened, it wasn't until the toaster had pinged that I came back to reality.

I got the toast of the toaster and buttered it and put the jam on top of the toast, I went outside into my garden to eat it because it was really lovely outside and the sun was out.

I was sat on a bench in my garden and I could see the traffic was going past but there was a little too much traffic for this hour but still it was nice.

After a while I went back inside to get ready for my busy day *I liked my days off because I had no one bossing me around* I looked in my wardrobe for a dress to wear because I was in a dress type mood and then I found a perfect purple dress and it fitted my mood perfectly, I slipped into it and found some shoes that were also purple to wear with my dress.

As I made my way back downstairs I noticed the note I had written earlier on and it read...

Breakfast: Home.
Get Dressed: Home.
Shopping: In Town.
Book Singing: In NYC.
Dinner: In Manhattan.
Fly To LAX: JFK Airport.
Book Into Hotel: LA.

I thought to myself "Wow I have a busy day ahead but I must keep everything on time or I will miss my flight."
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