I Want Everything About You

Christine is 17 years old and lives with her dad. Sounds normal right? Ehhh not really. Her dad is an alcoholic and pretty much abuses Taylor. She has had enough of him and decides to run away into the streets of Chicago. She happens to meet a very familiar boy as she is walking down the sidewalk. Is this love at first sight?


4. This Afternoon

Christine's POV:

Oh my god Zayn's calling me he's calling me he's calling me! Wait.. What? It ended. Gee thanks. Got my hopes up. I shrugged and skipped into the bathroom of my hotel room singing a Christina Agulera song. I've always thought about being a singer. Wait.. Singer.. accent...Zayn.. ZAYN MALIK! Claire (best friend) Is freaking obsessed with him! She has posters of him all over her room. He's from some boy band. Don't get me wrong, I like their song What Makes You Beautiful, but I'm not into that kind of music. I like more R&B stuff (Beyonce, Rihanna etc.). Just wait till she hears that I met him. Haha she will piss herself! I ran back out into my room and grabbed my phone and dialled his number. At the second ring he picked up. "Hello?" his amazing voice came through the speaker. I blushed and giggled "Hi Zayn." I sounded like a school girl again. Jesus nelly. I could hear other people in the background talking, Zayn told them to shut up and then he cleared his throat, "Hey Christine.. uhm I was wondering if you would like to come over.. and like hang out?" I covered the phone and squealed quiet enough where he couldn't hear me. I sighed to calm myself down, "Yeah that sounds great! I don't have a car soo..." "Oh that's fine. I can come pick you up." He said happily while still telling everyone in the background to shut up. I told him the address to the hotel I was in and skipped into the bathroom to get ready for an amazing day I was going to have. He was going to pick me up in an hour so I had enough time to do my hair makeup and get dressed. I didn't want to look too fancy or too slobby I had no clue what to wear so I just did my hair and makeup first. I brushed my hair till it was fairly straight. I put light makeup on my face but did smokey eyes. I looked decent but now for my outfit. After about twenty minutes of rummaging through my back I settled on something. ( this is her outfit http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=59968132 ) I looked in the mirror. Niiiice. There was a knock on the door. I squealed and ran to the door. I took a deep breath and opened the door. Infront of me was Zayn, he was in a red varsity jacket, black jeans, and white supras. Yummy. I smiled. He looked me up and down and smiled big, "Alright miss Christine, are you ready to go?" I nodded and followed him out to his car. It was a black tahoe. Man I wish I had lots of money. I got in and sat there staring out the window. He patted my leg and I jumped a bit. He stared at me, "Sorry did I scare you?" I shook my head and stared out the window. I thought about what would happen if dad found me again. What horrible things would he do to me? I could even end up dead. Why did this have to happen to me? The car stopped and I looked at Zayn. He smiled and hopped out of the car, and I did the same. Tons of girls were crowding the door to the hotel I'm guessing he's staying at. The turned around and charged at us. My eyes opened wide and my jaw dropped almost to the ground. Zayn grabbed my arm and pulled me threw the mob of girls and we made it into the lobby unharmed. I stared at him. He shrugged and said, "Our fans are pretty crazy, but we still love them." I followed him to the elevators. That was insane. But it was also fun. That's what it would feel like to be famous. I kind of liked it now that I think about it. Zayn pulled me down the hallway and unlocked the door to his room. I walked in. 4 adorable boys were sitting on the couch watching Toy Story. How manly, but jeeze this room is filled with 5 amazingly hot attractive guys. Zayn guided me to a chair next to the couch the others were on. He sat down and patted a small spot next to him on the chair. I squeezed into the spot and leaned into him. Boy did he smell good. The other boys didn't even look at me though.. weird.. It's like they're used to this.. That or they are really into the movie.

A couple hours later the movie ended. The blonde boy got up and stretched and looked at me. He looked confused. Zayn got up too, "Oh! Sorry everyone this is Christine, I met her yesterday. Christine meet Louis, Liam, Harry, and Liam." He gestured to the boys on the couch. The one with curly hair waved to me. He smiled and I saw his dimples show. Aw that's cute. The next one with brown spikey hair hopped up and hugged me. I awkwardly hugged him back. He backed up and looked at me smiling, "I'm Louis! Nice to meet you." I smiled at his cheerfulness and giggled, "Nice to meet you too Louis." The next one had brown curly/spikey hair, he stood up and held out his hand. I shook it and smiled. He smiled back, "I'm Liam. You seem nice. I like you over every girl Zayn brings home and I just met you." He chuckled and bit and I forced a smile and looked at Zayn. He flashed me a sexy smile. My face went hot red and I looked back at the couch. And The blonde one that looked confused came up to me and hugged me, "I'm Niall. Have you ever heard of Nando's?" I giggled and nodded. He jumped up and down and high fived Zayn. Zayn rolled his eyes, "He's in love with Nando's.. Well he's inlove with anything food." I laughed with Zayn and he walked me into his room. He plopped down on the bed. I looked around. It was messy and it smelt like boy in here. But attractive boy. Zayn patted the bed and I sat down next to him. "Wanna take pictures?" Zayn asked with a smile. I nodded and we took pictures from serious to goofy. I gave him my twitter account and he uploaded alot of pictures of us. I already have 20 new followers. Jesus these fans are ridiculous. Zayn rubbed my leg and I blushed a bright red. We sat there staring at eachother for awhile. He cleared his throat, "So what do you want to talk about?" I shrugged my shoulders. Suddenly he jumped up and ran into the bathroom. I sat there dumbfounded, when he came back out he carried a bucket of water. "Go get all the boys please?" He begged to me with puppy eyes. I shrugged and walked out to the living room. They were watching Spongebob. I coughed and they all turned and looked at me. "Zayn needs to see you all in his room" I said sweetly. They looked at eachother then went into his room. I followed a couple feet behind because I had a feeling he was going to drench them in water. I don't want that. "Zayn you needed to-" Liam started to say and Zayn flung the bucket of water on them. Louis, Liam, Harry, and Niall stood there with there mouths all the way to the ground. They were soaked! This was hilarious. Me and Zayn collapsed to the floor laughing our butts off. The others walked out of the room looking pissed off. I couldn't help it but laugh at Harry's pissy face, he looked like a child that didn't get something that wanted. Oh man. If I hang out with Zayn all the time this is going to be fun.

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