I Want Everything About You

Christine is 17 years old and lives with her dad. Sounds normal right? Ehhh not really. Her dad is an alcoholic and pretty much abuses Taylor. She has had enough of him and decides to run away into the streets of Chicago. She happens to meet a very familiar boy as she is walking down the sidewalk. Is this love at first sight?


5. Home

Christine's POV:

My eyes fluttered open. Oh my god where am I?! Who is holding me?! Oh wait.. It's Zayn's room. The lightly lit room was comforting actually. It was warm and smelt nice. I rolled over to look at Zayn. He was asleep so I let him be. I pulled out my phone and there was a bunch of hate mail on twitter. I sighed and shuffled to the bathroom. It smelt like boy in here too. Gross. He left deoderant on the counter. For awhile I stood in the bathroom staring at my reflection. For some reason I looked different. I looked.. relaxed. I didn't look freaked out, stressed, and I didn't have bags under my eyes. I think I like this new me. Outside the door I could hear talking. It sounded like Zayn was on the phone. Quietly I scooted to the door so I could hear. He was talking to his mom. Eh don't need to hear his mommy problems. I looked through his stuff and found face wash. I tried washing my face like the commercials but that failed. I dried my face off with a nice warm towel and went out into his room. A half naked Zayn stood in the middle of the room. His perfectly toned abs made my mouth drool. He ran to the dresser and put on a shirt. Darn. He smiled, "Morning, want to go grab a bite?" I nodded and grabbed my stuff and we headed out the door.

I had no clue where we were going for breakfest but I'm starving so he better hurry. Zayn looks adorable today though, his hair is messy in an adorbale way and his sweatpants and Ed Hardy shirt is just so cute! Oh man... Do I like him? I shook the thought of me liking him out of my head. The car came to a stop I looked and saw we were at some fancy resturant. I looked at him "This place looks fancy." He chuckled and smirked "It's Starbucks love." I laughed and awkwardly smiled. Little did he know I have never been outside my house. We walked up to the cashier. Immediatly she knew who Zayn was. Her jaw fell to the ground "Omg, you are Zayn Malik! I love you," She looked me up and down "Ugh, who are you? Slut." I stared at her wide eyed. "Please do not call her that, she's gorgeous inside and out. You are not. Please just get me my order." He said angrily at the cashier. He grabbed my hand and squeezed it. I smiled at him and pulled him to sit down at a table. "That girl was a real b-" I started to say but Zayn cut me off "Christine, ignore it she's a fan. Fans get protective for some reason. That's nothing to get pissed off about trust me." He kissed my forehead and I blushed like crazy. We sat there talking for a while, until Zayn got up and had to get our food and coffee. I was so excited because I haven't ever ate out in a resturant before. Well I have but I was little and couldn't remember anything about it. I took a sip of the coffee and smiled at Zayn. He smiled back, "You've got a little coffee on your lip." He used his thumb and wiped it off. I giggled and looked down at my coffee. I definantly like him. He probably thinks I'm a clutz and awkward. And ugly. He cleared his throat and rubbed my back, "Want me to bring you back to your hotel?" I nodded and we made our way to his car.

I don't know why but when I'm with Zayn I feel relaxed and.... at home with him.


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