I Want Everything About You

Christine is 17 years old and lives with her dad. Sounds normal right? Ehhh not really. Her dad is an alcoholic and pretty much abuses Taylor. She has had enough of him and decides to run away into the streets of Chicago. She happens to meet a very familiar boy as she is walking down the sidewalk. Is this love at first sight?


2. Brand New Start

Christine's POV:

The gas station was empty, of course, it was about 1 AM. The cashier smiled and waved to me. I forced a smile and walked quickly to the bathroom. It was small and gross. But it was better than anything I had at home. As I went to the toilet I glanced in the mirror. What the hell?! He actually made me bleed this time. I looked like absolute crap. My hair was frizzy and my makeup was running down my face. Suprising that the cashier didn't run from the sight of me. I looked like the joker. There were no towels in here so I used my sleeve to fix my running makeup. I rummaged through my bag looking for a brush. Great. No brush. Something to put on my list. My list I haven't even thought to write yet. I'll put make a list on my imaginary list. I pushed open the door and made my way to the drinks. I decided on red gatorade and grabbed another granola bar on my way to the cashier. She put a fake smile on her face and rung up my things. My money was on the bottom of my bag, it was awkward having to go through my bag for like 5 minutes. She stared at me the whole time. Did she know me or something? I know I look horrible but jeeze, she's quite rude for staring. Finally I got my money and handed it to her. She fake smiled again and said "Have a good day ma'am." I eyed her up and down. For sure she was my english teacher. Why didn't she use my name then? Creepy...

I stuffed my things from the gas station into my now soaking bag. I had no clue where I was going but I just kept walking. Maybe if I got my phone and called my friend Claire she would pick me up. Well it's 1 AM and she wouldn't be up. Ah god dang i- BAM I straight up rammed into someone. My mouth shot open "Oh my god I am so sorry I don't know where I was going I just I am so sorry I didn't mean to run into you I was walking and on my phone I seriously feel very bad for not looking where I was walking-" The boy I ran into chuckled, "It's okay love." I took a good look at him. He had black hair, tan skin, and hazel eyes. He was rather good looking, but he also looked rather familiar. I picked up my bag and started to walk away from him, I was so embarassed. Suddenly someone grabbed my arm. I swung around to see him right behind me. Inches away from my face. "Could I get your number?" He asked seductively. My face went hot red and I smiled," Sure, anything, and are you sure your okay about me running into you?" He chuckled and typed his name in my phone, "Love, it was an accident. Talk to you later" Sweet baby jesus he is attractive. I giggled like a school girl and waved goodbye to him. Alright. Now I'm kind of happy I actually bumped into him. But it's odd he didn't even give me his name. I flipped open my phone and looked through my contacts. Sure enough I had a new contact name Zayn. I hope this is him. I sent him a text saying "hey, this is Christine. The girl that just rammed into you by the gas station. what's up?" I smiled thinking it was a decent message and continued my journey down the road. Where should I go next? Train station? Hotel? Hotel.. Not a bad idea. I have money so I would be able to rent a room for a couple of days. I hollered for a taxi and got going to the closest hotel.

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