I Want Everything About You

Christine is 17 years old and lives with her dad. Sounds normal right? Ehhh not really. Her dad is an alcoholic and pretty much abuses Taylor. She has had enough of him and decides to run away into the streets of Chicago. She happens to meet a very familiar boy as she is walking down the sidewalk. Is this love at first sight?


1. Alcohol And Cigarettes

Christine's POV :

 12:30 AM. I was peacefully sitting in my room scrolling through my favorite website Tumblr, when I heard the downstairs door slam shut. I slammed the computer shut and launched myself into my bed. The stairs creeked loudly and I knew he was coming into my room. My eyes closed, dreading what was going to happen to me. This happens everynight pretty much. I come home from school and hide in my room, but on weekends I'm alone and then dad comes home pissed off and drunk. You would think my mom would help but, she actually died a couple of years ago. I kept thinking about my mom and how she would not let any of this happen. She was tough. I wasn't. I would breakdown like a cookie about everything. I hated it. Soon enough the door flew open, and I could smell the strong odor of alcohol and smoke. Loud footsteps stomped up to my bedside.

The covers of my bed flew off my body. I opened one eye to see my dad hovering over me. At the speed of lighting his hand flew across my face. I let out a little scream, and tears started rolling down my face. He walked over to the other side of the bed. I could feel him sit down on it and pull me towards him. Every weekend this would happen. He would hit me and rape me. I could not stand it anymore. He started to take off my clothes and I sprung up from the bed and looked around the room quickly. I spotted a lamp and threw it at his head. Hopefully that will knock him out long enough that I can pack and get the heck out of here. He screamed loudly and I smirked. Sweet revenge. I ran through my room trying to grab enough clothes for a couple of days. Crap. I don't have money. Maybe dad will have some.

I ran down the hallway to dads room. He usually keeps money is his dresser. I rummaged through the drawers until I saw a buttload of cash. I grabbed all of it and sprinted down the hallway and down the stairs to the kitchen. Quickly I grabbed a granola bar and headed out the door. As fast as I could I put my bag around my shoulder and ran to the nearest gas station. It was raining but that did not stop me. I didn't care about anything but that I was finally out of that mad house.

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