I Kissed The Boy With The Irish Accent

Ellie Carlisle is a very lucky brit. She kissed Niall Horan. All she ever wanted was to see him again, but his busy life as a superstar prevents him from getting in contact.. But what happens when one of the boys has her number..?



2. Seeing My Prince

After that day, I immediately texted Louis. It was really nice, until, I stopped. We always talked about Niall. And now I regret stopping, because I wanted to see Niall again more and more after each day passed. My life was boring, I had to see that damn Irish sex god.

"Mum! Dad?!" I shout as I walk into the door after hanging out with my best friend Robin. "There getting at it!" Michelle, my sister, informs me walking into the living room. "Oh. Of course." I roll my eyes. My parents wanted third child, but me and Michelle just wanted to be the only kids they have. But, it's not like they pay attention to us.

My dad is Bruce Evans. The second most popular actor and author in the UK. He's always on set for a new breakthrough movie or writing another brilliant book. As for my mum, she's Angela Grace-Evans. She's a fashion designer, always making up the newest and greatest fashion styles. (<hehe).

"I'm going to go out, I'll see you later babe." Michelle kisses my cheek and leaves with her Gucci purse on her arm. "Erg." I moan. I stomp up my stairs, making the parents know I'm here. I walk into my room and flop onto my bed. It's so comfortable, I just sink into it like it's almost water. It's that soft. It's still, SOMEWHAT, firm.

All of a sudden, my phone starts to buzz. It must me Robin. I pull it out of my back pocket, my eyes closed, and put it against my ear without reading the I.D. "Yes my dear Robin?" I sing into my phone. "I don't think I'm a Robin." a man laughs. I open my eyes, and look at the caller I.D. It's Louis Tomlinson..

"Oh, uh, oh.. Hi," I studder. "Hi Ellie" Louis laughs. "Ehm, excuse me if I sound rude, but why'd you call?" I awkwardly chuckle. "Well.. A certain, blonde Irish fellow wants to see you again." he hints me. "Niall?" I say, unable to believe him. "Precisely." I can feel him smiling through his phone. "Ehm, alright.." I smile. "Shall we pick you up at the place where you guys first kissed?" Louis says devilishly. "Of course." I smile at the ground playing with my bed sheet. "Alright see you then love." he hangs up. "Bye." I hang up.


I shot up off my bed. I looked in my mirror, fixed my brown curly hair. I spread out my sweater and jumped down the stairs. I started to run. It really wasn't that far, plus I loved to run.

After a while of running, I started to run out of breath. I always think I could do things I can't. I walk toward the white, circular mall behind the parking lot.

I stand there, breathing in and out, leaning my hands on my knees. Until a black car comes driving up. It pulls up right next to me. The door opens and a hand shoots out. I'm pulled in by Zayn. I end up on the floor. "You couldn't just ask me to come in?!" I complain, rubbing my head that hit the bottom of the passengers seat. "Sorry, we're actually not supposed to out picking up girls at the back of a mall, so we kind of need to hurry." Zayn described.

Louis was driving, Harry was upfront, Liam was on the left side in the back, Zayn was in the middle, and I was on the right side of the back. "Where's Niall?" I ask, as Liam, Zayn, and Harry turn around smirking at me. "What?" I say with a hint of laugh in my voice. "Well, Mrs.Horan.." Harry starts. I smile and roll my eyes. "He's back at the hotel distracting Paul.. You know who Paul is, right?" Harry asked. "Yes, your sitting in the same car with a Directioner Harold." I grinned. "Good. So, you'll see your future baby soon ok Ellie?" he smirks. I roll my eyes, and look out the window. I'm still unable to fathom the fact I'm in the same car with the (half) biggest boyband in the world right now..

After 10 minutes of driving and laughing with the boys, we reach a really, big beautiful hotel fit for Queen Elizabeth. "Wolverhampton has a hotel like THIS?" I say, mesmerized at the quality of Wolverhampton, and I've lived here my entire life and I never knew about this hotel. "That's what I said when I first saw this place." Liam laughs. We head into the building.

"Niall, where are the boys! I will make you go on a diet lad!" we hear Paul through the doors. We all laugh. "They're.. somewhere just.." Niall starts, but just then, Paul bursts through the door. "You lads are in trouble." Paul says, grabbing Harry, and the others follow. I stay, but Louis grabs my shirt.

The door shuts on my hair, making me wince. As Paul is yelling at the boys, I'm standing in a very awkward position. I find it a perfect oppurtunity to let my hair out. My hair is very long. I open the door, and my hair falls. As Paul is pointing his finger in Harry's face, he stops, and looks at me. He looks at the boys one last time. He walks over to me. Oh dear lord.. "Are you alright? Did they hurt you?" Paul accuses them. "Paul!?" Louis defended themselves.

"No they, didn't.." I laugh.. still feeling intimidated. "Right, let's get you home." Paul says, taking my arm. "No Paul!" Harry stops him. "Her parents are probably worried! I would be?" Paul imagined. "No, not really.." I awkwardly laugh. "Why not?" he asks. "Well, they're busy.." I look around. "May I ask what?" he asks. "Ehm, getting it on.." I look up at him. The boys laugh and Paul tries his hardest not to laugh either.

"Can she stay?" Niall pipes up, and the boys look back at him. I blush a little. "If she doesn't mind.." Paul looks down at me. "Not really.." I look at them and then Paul. "Of course you don't." Paul smirks. "Right, go ahead." he excuses us. "Thanks Pauly!" Zayn cheers. "Yeah yeah." he waves us off. I smile as Niall walks over to stand next to me..



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