I Kissed The Boy With The Irish Accent

Ellie Carlisle is a very lucky brit. She kissed Niall Horan. All she ever wanted was to see him again, but his busy life as a superstar prevents him from getting in contact.. But what happens when one of the boys has her number..?



3. Back In His Arms

"Your okay to stay, right?" Niall asks as we are about to enter the room. "I believe so." I laugh. "Yippee!" he cheers skipping into the room. I look at the ground and laugh, walking in.

"Tell us more about yourself!" Louis says. "No thanks." I wave my hand at him. "Look, Ellie dear, we're trying to make a friend outta you." Niall smiles. "Well, what do you want to know?" I shrug my shoulders. "Your family." Liam says.

"Ehm, my father is Bruce Carlisle.." I start. "THE Bruce Carlisle? That's cray cray." Zayn chips in. I laugh. "And my mum is Angela Grace- Carlisle." I say. "Quite a family." Louis says. "Yeah.. Not really." I laugh. "Right.. So anything else?" Harry asks. "Okay, you tell me about yourselfs now." I lean back into the chair. "Love, I'm sure you know enough about us." Louis says. "Hmm." I smirk at them. "Right, so, Ellie, you fancy going to a Pub?" Niall asks. "Sure." I smile.

"Don't go seducing her." I hear Zayn whisper in Niall's ear. "I won't!" he whines. I giggle to myself, then Niall comes by and grabs my waist. I lean my head on his shoulder. "It's even awkwarder now that the boys are making fun of us." he laughs. "It's what boys do." I look down. "Do girls do that?" he looks at me. "All the time." I laugh. He smiles and walks to the lobby.

Me and Niall pushed past fans surrounding the hotel, I heard rude names shouted at me. I didn't like this already. We get into the car, some reason it was already there. We drive down to a pub called Oliver's Pub. "Ready?" he asks, as he stops the car. "Yup." I smile. He gets out of the car before I can, so I can grab my purse in the back of the car. He opens the car door for me. "Oh Nialler." I smile. He does his perfect smirk at me, and helps me up.


"Heherhehahehhaehehhehehahhahahaeheaheh." Niall laughs, drunk. "I think, I think, I think we should get home." I slur. "But Ellie." he starts. "Come on, N-Niall." I studder. I walk out a bit tipsy, yet Niall walks out pretty much all over the place. When we get out, Niall stops me. He looks down at me, with his big blue eyes, I see lust, love.. He smiles, and kisses me. His hands wrap around my waist, my arms over his neck, my hands holding the back of his neck. He part to breath, but then go right back at it.

We get home safe, and hurry upstairs and get to his room.  He smiles at me, and then we strip.

But that night, was the best night of my life. The night I lost my virginity. The night, I was back in his arms.

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