Live While We're Young

This is the sequel to Everything about You!

Ashlyn, Kammy, and the boys are saying their last good byes to Sarah when the most amazing thing puts them back on their feet... But what is it? you have to read to find out! But lets just say that you wont expect this twist! What happens to the crews life? Are Niall and Sarah officaiclly over? Will Ash and Hazza Last? Will Kammy fall for one of the boys? And will Ashlyn's cousin steel Harry from her? Read to find out in this sequel to Everyhting About You...
Live While We're Young


5. Your out already?

Ashlyn's P.O.V
"Oh god I missed you so much!" I can't even beleive she remembers me! I never thought this would happen, but isn't it a little soon for her to be out of the hospital? I mean she went like mental! And they are letting her out? What if she gets drunk and commits suicide or something, I mean you can never be sure. She might not remember laws and get thrown in jail! "Um sare not to ruin the moment but why are you out of the hospital already? I mean don't u need a little more help?" she shrugged "I don't know... We made a run for it and they haven't called yet so I'm gonna call it good." she said nodding, ok he changed a lot but her blonde side obviously did not come close to going away. I just laughed "Well I'm happy your back." I hugged her one last time "Now can I please go back to sleep? It's 2:00 in the morning!" she laughed "Go ahead... Sheesh grump!" I threw an extra pillow at her.

I closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

"honey... Darcey is starting school tomorrow" Harry said smiling while we snuggle on the couch. "I can't beleive she is already 5 years old." I said turning to him, he kissed my forehead. Darcey ran out of her room "Mommy, daddy! Will you sing to me?!" she said jumping up and down, I swear she is just like Harry! We both started singing her special song we wrote to her.

"Baby close your eyes
Night has come
It is dreaming time
You need time to calm"

"Beautiful close your eyes
Go to sleep
I live you
Good night"

She fell asleep in our arms

End of dream

I woke up in the morning staring into Harry's eyes "Good morning beautiful." he whispered "Good morning handsome." I whispered back, he pecked my lips. "Are you hungry? I can make some pancakes if you want." I smiled "Oh that sounds great, yes please." I responded, he started to make pancakes. I got up as he turned around and put my arms around his neck. He put his hands on my waist "So what do you want to do today, since everything is finally back to normal?" I shrugged "I don't know... I just want a day with you. You and me and no one else." he smiled "I'm up for that he whispered while leaning in to kiss me. I started to hear a been ing and realized it was the fire alarm. The pancakes blowers burning "Oh shit!" I yelled yelled while Harry removed them from the stove "So much for pancakes." he said. I laughed
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