Live While We're Young

This is the sequel to Everything about You!

Ashlyn, Kammy, and the boys are saying their last good byes to Sarah when the most amazing thing puts them back on their feet... But what is it? you have to read to find out! But lets just say that you wont expect this twist! What happens to the crews life? Are Niall and Sarah officaiclly over? Will Ash and Hazza Last? Will Kammy fall for one of the boys? And will Ashlyn's cousin steel Harry from her? Read to find out in this sequel to Everyhting About You...
Live While We're Young


15. still hurting

Sarahs POV

I just got off of the phone with niall, and what i just said to him, hurt me more than it was to hurt him. I could not stop thinking about him. i could feel tears running down my cheeks.

"I know u still love him." i looked up, i had totally forgot the my and zayn were in the car.

"What are u talking about? i h-h, dont like him" i started to cry more

"Dont, ur not fooling me, i could tell what u said to him hurt u just as much as it hurt him." he had grabbed my hand

"what would it be like?" he looked at me confused

" what do u mean?"

" never mind"

" ook so were to next?"

" oh um home. im mean the hotel."

" what why?"

" just cause, the boys said so, or atleast thats what niall told me." we drove home. i just stared out the window and cried, i soon fell asleep

Nialls POV

Sarah and Zayn just got back, she was sleeping and Zayn was carrying her. i wish that was still me. he layed her on my bed and came out and pulled me over to the side. wait my bed? y my bed? "Niall can i talk to u?" "umm sure" " Its about Sarah," " What about her?!" " I think she still love u. But dosent want to say. After what she said to u on the phone she started crying, plus she was talking in her sleep." i smiled " what did she say?" " well she said 'i believe u i believe u, but im still mad u let her.'" i then frowned "Zayn i have an idea but ur going to have to help me. will u help me get my princess back?" " of corse mate!"

***the next day***

Nialls POV

We did it we wrote the last song for the take me home album and the song is called 'Nobody Compares' and were going to deticate it to her. This will make her trust me again.

Sarahs POV

I woke up, and walked to the kitchen i guess the boys had left cause there was a note on the table the read 'go to the studio and be there by 3:00. please come. ~zayn' it was already 2:00 so i took a shower and got dressed. it was 2:45 so i left. i got to the studio and sat down in the recording room and watched the boys "Ok so we have just finished the last song in the album and called it 'Nobody Compares'" niall said in a really sweet but kiss up voice song song song song song song song song "and we have dedicated this song to..."  

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