Live While We're Young

This is the sequel to Everything about You!

Ashlyn, Kammy, and the boys are saying their last good byes to Sarah when the most amazing thing puts them back on their feet... But what is it? you have to read to find out! But lets just say that you wont expect this twist! What happens to the crews life? Are Niall and Sarah officaiclly over? Will Ash and Hazza Last? Will Kammy fall for one of the boys? And will Ashlyn's cousin steel Harry from her? Read to find out in this sequel to Everyhting About You...
Live While We're Young


17. No... Not You Too

Harry's P.O.V
Ok so I've gotten like 27 tweets in the last 5 minutes, and its getting annoying! I grabbed my phone and started going through the tweets, a lot of fans asking me to marry them, one hate and something else that I found quite interesting. It was a picture of Ashlyn, and she was... Was... She was holding hands with some other guy. And there is one of them driving together. There were comments like "Woah, Harry isn't that your girl?" And "Are you and Ashlyn broken up?". These things made me tear up. I dialed Becca's number and called her.

Ring one


"Oh thank god, where's Ashlyn? Is she there?"

"What happened to giving her back her space? And no she's out with a friend."


Ashlyn's P.O.V
I'm back at the apartment, I walked in to see becca on the phone with someone. "Who r u talking to?" I asked with silent words. She mouthed back "Harry!", I quickly ran to the phone and grabbed it out of her hands.


"Yes this is Harry."

"It's me."

"Ashlyn... Wh---" my pone buzzed, I got like a million tweets. I picked up y own phone and tuned Harry out so I could read through them. There were pictures everywhere of Garrett and I driving together, and holding hands as we walked out of the apartment building. With tweets like "Ashlyn how could you? Harry loved you, turns out that our just another bitch," and "You have ruined the lives of a directioners!!!!" I started to cry.

"Harry, they, they, they're not... No."

"What were you doing? Why did you do this to me?"

"Harry he's just an old friend I swear!"

"Then how can you explain Thoughs pictures? You mind tellin me cause I sure as hell would like to know!"

"Harry, she was, I was, he, they th th they."

"You know why no I've had enough, I should've known. Your no different from everyone else."

"No Harry please, there not true! Please beleive me!"


"Harry," I told him everything, "When we were in the car I told Garrett that I couldn't do it anymore because I couldn't hurt you like that. Then he took me home, but that's all that happened I swear." I sobbed harder and harder.

"Ashlyn calm down love, I beleive you... It's just..."

"It's just what?"

"It's just hard, I'm sorry I doubted you. But when can I see you again, I need you. Everything is falling apart without you."

"I will see you soon, but for now... You will always have me in your heart." I heard him sniff, I could tell that he was crying. "Please don't cry."

"I'm, I'm fine. I will see you soon, I love you babe."

"I love you too Hazz."

I hung up and ran to "my" room, I sighed of releif. Good thing nothing happened.
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