Live While We're Young

This is the sequel to Everything about You!

Ashlyn, Kammy, and the boys are saying their last good byes to Sarah when the most amazing thing puts them back on their feet... But what is it? you have to read to find out! But lets just say that you wont expect this twist! What happens to the crews life? Are Niall and Sarah officaiclly over? Will Ash and Hazza Last? Will Kammy fall for one of the boys? And will Ashlyn's cousin steel Harry from her? Read to find out in this sequel to Everyhting About You...
Live While We're Young


20. I Want to Come Home!

Ashlyn's P.O.V
I was sick of it, my phone was exploding from hates on twitter, pictures of Harry and the boys were blowing up tumblr. Sarah and I hadn't talked in months. I couldn't take it any longer. I had to call Sarah... I needed to fix my mistake. I dialed.

Ring 1
Ring 2
Ring 3

"Hello?" The voice said, it was happy and bubbly. Definantly Sarah's.

"Sarah?" I said, I knew it was her.

"Yea, who is this?" She was getting confused, it was as if she had forgotten my voice. Just like I had forgotten Harry's.

"Guess!" Then she clicked, saying guess was always my thing.

"Oh My God! I can't believe this! It's you!" She screamed.

"Yup it sure is, I needed to talk to you. But go somewhere where the boys won't hear, especially not Harry." She confirmed that she was in a safe spot and I continued, "I'm coming home." I whispered. She squealed, "Shhhh! But I need your help. Tell the boys that your running to the mall, but come to the airport and pick me up. Tell all the boys that we need more food so they need to go to the grocery store. My plane comes in at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. We will come home and I will hide behind Harry's dresser and then... Poof! It's a surprise."

"Oh I'm so excited, Harry is going to freak!" I laughed.

"I know right! And speaking of freaking, I heard you and Niall had a melt down. It's all over twitter." I heard Sarah sigh.

"Yea but we're all good now. But I've got to go. The boys are wondering where I am."

"Alright bi Sare, give my Hazza a hug for me." She hung up and I finished packing my bags.

Sarah's P.O.V
I walked out of the hotel's cleaning closet and ran right smack into Harry.

"Who were you just talking to?" He asked. God damnit he was standing right there the whole time.

"No one, it was just James. He's comin back to visit soon." Harry sighed and looked down at his feet.

"Oh, I was hoping it was..."

"I know Hazz, but it's alright. You guys will see eachother," very soon I added in my head. I have him the hug that Ash wanted him to have and walked back to the room.

Harry's P.O.V
I was so disappointed that no one had heard from my girl, she wasn't even answering my phone calls. I was starting to get sick of it. I needed her back. This separation needed to come to an end.
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