Live While We're Young

This is the sequel to Everything about You!

Ashlyn, Kammy, and the boys are saying their last good byes to Sarah when the most amazing thing puts them back on their feet... But what is it? you have to read to find out! But lets just say that you wont expect this twist! What happens to the crews life? Are Niall and Sarah officaiclly over? Will Ash and Hazza Last? Will Kammy fall for one of the boys? And will Ashlyn's cousin steel Harry from her? Read to find out in this sequel to Everyhting About You...
Live While We're Young


14. Drama Back at the Hotel

Louis's P.O.V

Ok, ever sense Ashlyn left everything has gone down hill. Sarah and Niall are through, Harry isn't singing right and everyone is just pissed of. Even Liam has lost his temper and is going on a rampage! It feels like this is coming to an end... We cant even talk to eavch other without yelling.


"Yea Niall?" I turned to face him as he sat down on the couch

"Do you think anything will get better around here if... if Ashlyn comes back?" he choked up, I know he's thinking about Sarah. She has't said anything to him or even mention his name in weeks.

"I dont know... I dont know if she will ever come back." a tear streamed down my face, Ashlyn not coming back. A chill ran down my spine... She needs to come back.

"If Ashlyn doesn't come back... It could be the end." Niall whispered

"The end of what?" I asked although I know what he'll say.

"The end of One Direction. She is the one that held us together, ever sense you found her on that sidewalk everything has been ok. She is the glue that is holding us together, and without that glue... we're just going to fall apart.

I couldnt hold it back, tears came flooding down my face.

"Lou... I dont think she's-----"

"No! She will come back! She is not going to just leave us hanging! She wouldnt do that to you, to Sarah, to Harry and sure as hell not to the rest of us." I nodded and soon reakized how much I just frightened Niall. "She'll be back... I know she'll be back."

Liam's P.O.V

I walked into Harry's room to see if he was ok, "Harry are you alright mate?" he looked up from staring at the floor. His face was stained with tears.

"I dont know Liam, there's something I need to say but I cant just betray her."

"Whatever it is Harry you can tell me." he stared at me straight in the eyes.

"Are you sure?" he asked, he was hurt. I could see it in his eyes, I nodded. "I know where Ash is, she's in Chicago with her old friend Becca. I was just on the telephone with her, she said she cant come back. She said she cant come back because it will make verything worse. But I dont know if that's going to work for me, she doesn't want to see Louis... But I want to see her." more and more tears poured out of his blotchy eyes.

I was silent for a moment... "Lets give her some time, I know it will be hard but we need to stop trying to find her. We need to let her start over in her life and adjust to some of these things."

"I cant... I cant just not see her for the rest of my life."

I thought about the situation for a few moments. "I'll tell you what, give her 2 months. Then by December she should be better and you can see her again. We will all be adjusted by then. It will take time but it can and will work." he looked up at me and let out a small smile but it faded quickly. I knew he was thinking about what it would be like to see her again.

"Two months?" he asked

"Two months" I answered.

He smiled again for what seemed like hadn't been done in decades.

Niall's P.O.V

I dialed Sarah's number to see if she would actually pick up.

"Ugh... What Niall?!" I could feel her rolling her eyes

"Harry says to end the search."


"Says she's been found and we dont need to look anymore."

"Whatever." she was about to hang up.


"What Niall?" she snapped

"Why dont you beleive that I didnt cheat on you?"

"Oh I dont know maybe because you were letting her remove your clothes you douche!"

She hung up... That hurt

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