Dream come true

Gisella and Grace have been dreaming about meeting one direction. Giselle is really talented she plays guitar piano and she coan sing. Grace shes just a singer. Find out if they could meet them and if there love will connect


4. sorry...wait

Giselle POV 

ugh i suck at this. wheres grace and everyone else. Im going to go look for them. I look at my feet telling my legs not to again. It failed. I was walking, well skating to the exit and i fall lukely i fell into someones strong soft hands. Oh god it was a boy. "Im sorry" i said quickly still looking at my feet to scared to look up. "its okay we all fall." he said withthe most beautiful british accecnt. I thought it was one of the boys from earlyer but when i went to see who it was i looked right into the most gorgeous hazel eyes. We had and akward silence with him who apparently was harry which i couldnt believe, i mean me in harrys arms i must be dreaming i have to be, i was still looking in his eyes while he was looking at my lips, "your harry styles" i whispered stopping after the your. he smiled, and thats when grace comes in. Once she sees me her eyes open impossibly large. Then harry leaned in. Oh no was he going to kiss me, i havent kissed a boy since 3 years ago. I got closer my stomach dropped, i felt his warm breath, I froze and it came at of no where i mean i fell and he cathes me i look in his eyes whisper something then he decides to kiss me? im actully fine with that but why me? i could feel fear and happieness at the same time. I was thinking why me. i was about to talk my way out of it, thats when our lips touched, his lips where warm and soft, my mind went blank.

Grace POV

OMG thats all i could think of. Harry styles- gisella- what did i miss when i was in the bathroom. I did not see this coming. I look around the rink and spotted niall.

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