Dream come true

Gisella and Grace have been dreaming about meeting one direction. Giselle is really talented she plays guitar piano and she coan sing. Grace shes just a singer. Find out if they could meet them and if there love will connect


3. skating

Giselle POV

"it cant be them i mean like were in ny and they live in london i mean like really." i said

"ya it could be some other boy group right." grace said slowly

i step on the ice and of course i fall. I was never good at ice skating. my butt got cold so i tried to get up, i kept falling so julia came and helped. We passes the group of boys.They werent them. I was acthully realived i didnt look my best and if i did have a chance to talk to them i would embaress myself. Julia, and asiya went to the bathroom and grace got hungry so they left me in the rink. I kept falling. The disco came on and the lights dimmed that didnt help me i feel even more and i was passing by and i saw three bloody teeth. ew. i asked the saftey guy and he said that they where from a hockey game. I asked the dj to put one direction songs.

Grace POV

i was starving i went to the vending machine and got some chips. I heard a couple of boys laughing in the iceskate room. "boys are so immiture" i thought to my self and went to the bathroom to check my hair. Asiya and Julia were on there phones we decided to stay there for a while but i didnt listen to them and of course i daydreamed about niall and how we were so alike and what i would do if a met them. Then i thought about harry and gisella and how good a couple they would be. Gisella was a realy good singer and guitarist she also knows how to play piano but she never plays in front of people. I wonder what she was doing now.

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