Dream come true

Gisella and Grace have been dreaming about meeting one direction. Giselle is really talented she plays guitar piano and she coan sing. Grace shes just a singer. Find out if they could meet them and if there love will connect


5. a dream

Grace POV

i saw naill. I thought he would be amazed too but instead he was looking right at me. Why was he looking at me when harry just kissed a total stranger. or maybe they knew each other already or something. But why was niall looking at me. I felt his stare. Gisella and harry seperated. FINALLY. i skated towards  she was smiling at harry. they intru duced themselves."whats your name?" harry asked. "gisella, gisella martinez." giselle replied. I look over to see niall, he wasnt there. I looked around the rink and spotted him behind me coming toward us. Oh God what am i going to do i looked wierd. he was getting closer i got butterflies and my heart skipped a beat when  he said "harry you flirt whose this" niall said in is strong sexy Irish accent. " her name is gisella martinez" harry replied "hey gisella my name is niall which you would probably would know. whats your name" he said while winking at me " my name is grace onliny, im gisella's friend." i said a little hesitantly. "wanna skate with us and the others" niall asked wrapping his arm around my shoulder. "uhm ya sure" he smiled and i couldnt help but smile back. This had too be a dream and i know gisella is thinking the same thing.

Gisella POV

 this had to be a dream this cant be happening. This is so wierd but i liked it and i know Grace was shy for some reason shes always so laughy and like not quiet. I know niall likes her just the way he looks at her and i can tell because he was blushing.

Harry POV

i couldnt help it she w as beautiful. I know i just met her but oh well. I really like her and i want her to be mine.I  could tell niall liked grace. Grace was pretty and seemed nice they would make a good couple.

Niall POV

grace was so pretty. Im hungry ugh i wish there was nandos in ny. anyway grace was beautiful. I love her.

Grace POV

omg im here with niall eeeeee!!! im hungry though :/. i love him but how am i going to tell him.


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