Live while we're young.❤

Ally Sanders,is just your typical 18 year old girl,from Los Angeles,she has a loving family and a great life.when her mum tells her they are moving to London she's is so excited and can't wait,but will she enjoy it as much as the USA,will she make friends like her ones back home? Or should she just live while she's young?..I'm sure the Irish hottie that she gets incredibly close with will Definatly help her settle in ;)


1. Saying Good-bye.

Text from 'Ellie'
Ally,I'm going to miss you so much,don't forget me,love you xxx

Text from 'Katie'
Will miss you loads,have fun in England :-) see u soon xx

Facebook message from 'Alex'
Will miss you Ally,have fun,miss you x

And that is all I have been getting for the past 4 days..I told all my friends and family I was leaving on the 19th August for London..the date today? 17th..two days to pack everything and get my goodbyes in,sometimes I just wish I could hide away from it all,I mean I was so excited to go back to London! I haven't been back there since we moved here when I was 12 years I'm 18 and it's a lot harder..I will miss all my friends loads but Niall is all I was thinking about,would our friendship still be the same? It had been 5 years,we text and Skype all the time,I just can't wait to see him..
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