Wolf's Rain-Next Generation

After the Death of Kiba and his pack, they are reborn again like all Wolves. But this time, they are not alone on their journey to find Paradise...


1. Another Night

Freeze city wasn't the best place to have been raised from a pup, but in spite of that, I've grown to mature to what I am today. A Red Wolf is what I am. I never walked around in that form though, I would but I couldn't. Humans still believe we are extinct, imbeciles. And they'd take the first chance to kill me if they saw me, so the 'fact' that we were extinct was once true again. I did not despise Humans, only the ones who would kill Wolves, and them alone. I have to cooperate with Humans on a daily basis anyway, to survive, for a job. I deliver food to their doorsteps, but since I'm a wolf, I'm twice the speed of the means of transportation they use. So, they pay me higher than Humans, advantage me.


I walked the streets on my own that night, like normal. Company is one thing I have never experienced outside of my job, that and social interaction. My hands stuffed into the blue hooded jackets while my black shoes rushed down the pavement, avoiding eye contact with anyone. I might cooperate with Humans, but that doesn't mean I trust them. A sudden change in smell pulled me from my thoughts, and alarmed me. It didn't smell Human, maybe a strange odored drunk? My curiosity led me to a back alley, where trash cans and dumpsters were pushed to the side of the buildings. They reminded me of the ones I had to sleep in when I was younger, but now I have a one bedroom flat with a bed, a toilet, a sink and a fridge. It's not much, but it's enough for me survive.


My eyes scanned the dim, dark, barely lit alley. I couldn't see anything, but more trashcan. I shrugged my shoulders to myself, and turned to leave. But movement sounded from behind me. A snatched a quick glance, seeing nothing but a pair of yellow, ochre eyes. I instantly knew it was no Human, but another Wolf. I walked closer, cautiously. But yet, I wasn't bother whether or not it was friendly or aggressive. The yellow eyes brightened as I came closer, but it cowarded into the corner. Whether it was because they thought I was a Human or because they were scared, I didn't know. I knelt to my knees, and settled on the ground, I wasn't leaving. I never knew there were other Wolves in the city, this is brilliant news!


"It's okay, I'm a Wolf too," I said. Reassuring the side of my theory that they thought I was Human. The eyes seemed to tilt, maybe in disbelief or curiosity. I nodded at them, "Yes, I'm a wolf. You can trust me." I sat crossed legged now, rather uncomfortable, but I didn't really mind. They walked towards me, slowly, paw by paw, their head down, trying not to make eye contact. Now I could see that it was a male, and what shocked me most was that he too was a Red Wolf like me, I smiled. He also looked about my age. But something unusual, around his front right paw was four metal rings, like a Human bracelet. He settled next to me, still in his Wolf form. Feeling rude, I showed my Wolf form. Of the same basic figure as him, but more feminine, obviously. My fur was a deeper red than his too, and around my neck, was a chain. A souvenir I like to say. I looked up at him, awkwardly, and after a moment or two, broke the silence.


"I'm Tala," I annoucened. I looked up into his eyes. He awkwardly looked at me, smiled and spoke after stuttering for a minute or so.
"I'm Toboe."

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