I was nothing of normality or of something you find every other day. I'm rare, I'm unique. My blood is of four different species, all of which rule over the planet. This genetic rareness is then recognized, and the offspring overrules all of them combined.


1. Bloodline

Ever since I was a child, I was told over and over again that one day I would amount to something. But being the person I was, I never listened to this information, and completely blocked myself from everyone else. But it was when I woke on my 15th Birthday that I felt different. It was that day, I learnt of my family's past. Of how my mother's mother was a Human and my mother's father was a Wizard. But it was father's parents that intrigued me the most, for his mother was a werewolf, and his father was vampire. I never quite understood what they would keep telling me, over and over again when I was younger. But now I understand, that my blood has begun to boil, and my powers will soon come to my control.

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