Days of Summer *CANCELED*

*CANCELED* Olivia and Chloe's summer vacation to Perth did not go as planned when they went to a One Direction concert and thanks to Chloe's clumsiness and a large woman, they get to know the boys with some surprises along the way.


24. The Sparks

Harry's POV:

I dragged her to her room and shut the door behind me. I pecked her lips.

"The last time we were in your room we got interrupted by Niall." I said smirking.

"Well now he knows where the bathroom is so we don't have to worry about him." She said giggling.

I pulled her close to me and our lips met. I felt the sparks I did the first time we kissed. I led her to the bed and I pushed her onto her back. I know I won't get much further because she wasn't ready but I wanted to show her how much I cared for her.

Niall's POV:

Zayn and I kinda stuck together since we were the only ones without girlfriends. I'm not gonna lie it was pretty awkward when everyone else in the house was dating.

"Well it's only 10, wanna go get some drinks?" I asked Zayn.

"What about the paparazzi?" Zayn asked. Damn it! I didn't think about that.

"Let's sneak out the back." I suggested. "Should we tell the others?"

"I'll run up and tell Harry and Chloe." Zayn said as he ran upstairs.

Zayn's POV:

I went up to tell Harry and Chloe that Niall and I were going to get drinks. I knocked on Chloe's door but they didn't answer so I figured they didn't hear me so I opened the door. HOLY SHIT!

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