Days of Summer *CANCELED*

*CANCELED* Olivia and Chloe's summer vacation to Perth did not go as planned when they went to a One Direction concert and thanks to Chloe's clumsiness and a large woman, they get to know the boys with some surprises along the way.


11. Splash

Olivia's POV:

Marnie and Liam have been gone for a while and I was ready to murder Cozette (the worst a man can get).

“So then I was like ‘you have to let me go!’ and my mom was like ‘no!’ so I just left and I haven’t seen her since.” Cozette was talking about when she left the house to skank around.

Liam and Marnie came back holding hands and smiling.

“Ooh did Li Li get a little beach action?” Louis said raising his eyebrows suggestively. Marnie turned beet red. I laughed.

“You’re one to talk! I saw you two sucking face in the water earlier.” Liam said pointing to Louis and I.

“Hey! Don’t change the subject!” I said feeling my face get hot.

“Hey mate high five! We both got some beach action!” Louis exclaimed. Marnie turned even redder which I didn’t think was possible. I hit Louis on the arm and hid my grin.

“Anyway who wants to get back to truth or dare?” Harry asked. We agreed.

“Zayn, it’s your turn.” Niall said.

“Marnie, truth or dare?” Zayn asked.

“DARE!” Marnie yelled. I was surprised because she never chose dare. She probably wanted to impress Liam.

“I dare you to eat seaweed and if you chicken out you have to go skinny dipping!” He said handing her some nasty looking seaweed with some mussels on it, looking proud of himself.

“Okay, no pictures!” She said taking her cover-up off and running to the pier. She jumped in and then her purple swimsuit landed on the shoreline.

I looked over and saw Liam blushing at the sight of her bare shoulders and the idea that she was naked in the water.

“What now?” Marnie yelled from the water.

“We join you!” Harry jumped up and ran for the pier. She shrieked and he swam towards her.

“I’d hurry Liam or I’m gonna end up stealing your girlyfriend!” Harry teased. I looked next to me and saw Chloe looking pretty peeved.

“Hey, cheer up. He’s only joking.” I said nudging her arm, “He really likes you and Marnie’s sort of taken now.” She looked a little better.

“Shall we join them?” I asked everyone.

“Heck yeah!” Niall said.

“Wait!” Marnie screamed, “Before anyone else joins us please someone bring me my swimsuit!”

I went to grab it but Liam was already tossing it to her gently and said, “Here you go, love.”

I was the first to get to the pier and Louis shouted to me, “Wait up! We’ll jump in together!”

I waited for him to catch up and he took my hand in his and we ran to the end of the pier and jumped off. I came up for air and looked over and noticed how close I was to Louis. We stared into each others eyes getting closer but then Niall jumped in and yelled, “Cannonball!” Splashing us both right in the face.

Harry went and threw Chloe in and she screamed, “Harry!”

Chloe’s POV:

Harry threw me in the water and I screamed.

“Sorry, love.” He said not sounding sorry at all but his grin made up for it.

“Zayn!” I heard a yell. I looked and saw Zayn and Cozette standing at the end of the pier.

Zayn went to jump off but Cozette grabbed his arm, “I’m not swimming.”

“And I can’t because…” Zayn said sounding annoyed.

“Well I vas thinking we could have some alone time.” She said smirking.

“Oh, well in that case. I’ll see you guys later.” Zayn said running off with Cozette.

“Wow, I feel loved.” Olivia said sarcastically, “Oh well!”

We splashed around for a while but it was getting really cold so we went back to our stuff and we all got dried off.

“I had a really good time today. Thanks for inviting us.” I said to Harry, kissing his cheek.

“Yeah, you certainly made our birthday interesting.” Marnie said smiling as Liam kissed her cheek as well.

“Where’s Zayn?” Niall asked looking around.

“He got a ride with the French bimbo.” I said.

I noticed Louis and Olivia weren’t with us.

“Now where are the lovebirds?” Marnie asked noticing their absence, too.


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