Days of Summer *CANCELED*

*CANCELED* Olivia and Chloe's summer vacation to Perth did not go as planned when they went to a One Direction concert and thanks to Chloe's clumsiness and a large woman, they get to know the boys with some surprises along the way.


15. Pricks at the Diner

Chloe's POV:

Olivia just left for her date so Marnie and I decided to go grab a bite to eat as well.

“Where to?” Marnie asked as she got into the driver’s seat.

“Let’s drive and see what we find.” I said.

“Sounds good.” Marnie said pulled out of the parking lot of the hotel. I couldn’t wait to go to the rental house tomorrow.

We saw a little diner and pulled into the parking lot and walked in. We sat at a booth in the back corner.

“Hi, my name’s Heather. I’ll be your waitress this evening. Can I start you girls off with some drinks?” Heather asked sounding a bit too perky.

“I’ll have a coke.” I said.

“I’ll have the same.” Marnie said. Heather left to get our drinks, “So how’s Harry?” Marnie asked looking at the menu.

“We haven’t talked that much since that news report came out.” I said sadly.

“Well, I’m sure he’s just a little embarrassed.” Marnie  said.

“Yeah, maybe.” I said as Heather came with our drinks.

“Are you ready to order?” She asked getting her notepad out.

I ordered the haggis and Marnie ordered the chicken tenders. We finished eating about an hour later.

“That was really good.” Marnie said sitting back.

“I’m so full.” I said moaning.

“Let’s go back to the hotel.” Marnie said stumbling to go pay.

We walked out and these guys walked up to us.

“Hey babes.” The taller one said, “Want to come back to our place?”

“Hell no!” I exclaimed.

“Now get out of our way!” Marnie tried to push her way to the car but they blocked her path.

“I don’t think so.” The shorter one said.

“Get away from them.” I heard a familiar voice said. I turned around and saw Harry.

“What are you going do if we don’t?” the taller one said.

“Well let’s just hope that won’t happen.” Harry said standing in front of us.

“Oh really?” the tall one said getting in Harry’s face but Harry didn’t back down.

“Yeah really.” Harry said calmly. He looked so hot with his nostrils flared and his eyes flashing with intensity.

Then the guy went to punch Harry but Harry was expecting it, ducked and grabbed his hand and twisted it behind his back.

“Now walk away.” Harry whispered into his ear threateningly.

Harry left go of him and the guys walked away as if they won.

“Thanks Harry.” I said smiling at him, “Where did you come from anyway?”

“I was just grabbing a bite to eat when I saw those pricks giving you a hard time.” Harry said, “Are you okay?”

“I am now.” I was gazing into his eyes.

I heard someone clear their throat and looked over and saw Marnie standing there grinning, “I’ll meet you in the car, Chloe.”

“Oh okay.” I said blushing, “I better go then.”

“I’ll text you later.” Harry said and kissed my cheek, “I’m glad you’re okay.”

I didn’t move to go to the car and Harry didn’t move either we stood there staring into each other’s eyes. He leaned in and I felt his lips on mine. It felt like our lips went together perfectly, moving in sync and I melted inside. We pulled apart and all he said was, “I’ll text you.” And he left.

I went got into the passenger side of the car with a big dorky smile on my face.

“I take it he kissed you then.” Marnie said as we drove down the road.

“It’s possible.” I said mischievously.

“He totally did.” She said smirking. 

Harry’s POV:

I can’t believe I just kissed her. Without being pressured into it! As I walked away I knew I had a goofy smile on my face. I went back to the house and when I walked in I was still smiling like a fool.

“Was dinner alone that good?” Niall asked.

“I might’ve run into someone.” I said looking away.

“Was this someone female?” Liam asked obviously knowing the answer.


“Did her name happen to be Chloe?” Zayn asked catching on.

“Maybe.” I said looking at the floor.

They all wolf whistled.

“Oh shut it!” I said laughing.

“Are you ever going to ask her out?” Liam asked nudging my arm as I sat on the couch next to him.

“Well when the time is right yes I will.” I said confidently.

“You and Chloe could go on a double date with Louis and Olivia!” Niall said jokingly.

“That’s actually not a bad idea.” I said thinking,”I’ll talk to Louis about it when he gets back from his date.”

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