Days of Summer *CANCELED*

*CANCELED* Olivia and Chloe's summer vacation to Perth did not go as planned when they went to a One Direction concert and thanks to Chloe's clumsiness and a large woman, they get to know the boys with some surprises along the way.


26. Coupley-ness

Chloe's POV:

I was sad the boys had to leave soon. What if we never see them again?! Oh god, I need to calm down. I heard Olivia and Louis coming down the stairs. I turned and saw them in the doorway.

"Hey guys, can I talk to you in the kitchen?" Louis asked the boys. They walked out of the room and I looked at Olivia.

"What was that about?" I asked her raising my eyebrow.

"I asked Louis if they wanted to stay with us for the rest of the vacation." She said trying but failing to sound nonchalant.

"Really?" I said trying and also failing to sound nonchalant.

"That could be interesting." Marnie said smirking.

"Yeah. Hey I have  to tell you guys something..." Olivia said sounding nervous now.

"What is it?" Marnie asked concerned.

"Well, Louis asked me if I would go on tour with them... and I said yes."

"Oh my gosh! Shouldn't you ask your parents?" I asked.

"No. I'm 19 now. They don't have any control over what I do." She said getting a bit defensive. She was always sort of rebellious. She hated not having control over everything. When she turned 18 she went out and almost got a tattoo but I stopped her luckily.

"I think it'll be a great experience." Marnie said smiling.

"I do, too." Olivia said grinning.

The boys came back in all smiling. "We're staying!" Harry said sitting down next to me and putting his arm around me.

"It'll be like a super long party!" Niall said excitedly.

"Yeah! It should be fun." Olivia said winking at Louis.

Harry's POV:

I was excited to stay at the beach house for the next month, because all of my best friends were there and my beautiful girlfriend. I plan on asking Chloe to come on tour with us, but I don't want to freak her out. I mean Olivia's going, too, so she wouldn't be alone while we have interviews and stuff. I think I'm going to ask her tonight.

"Who wants to go out for lunch?" Liam asked everyone.

"Fooooood!!!" Niall yelled.

"I taking that as a yes." Liam said laughing.

"I'm guessing the paparazzi are finally gone." Olivia said relieved.

"Yes they are, thank God." I said.

"We'll meet you outside. We have to get our purses." Marnie said to Liam.

We walked outside and waited for the girls in the car. When they got back we discussed where we were going and we all agreed on some sushi place. When we got there it weren't too many people so we got a table and ordered.

"So Olivia, I hear you're coming on tour with us." Zayn says.

"I guess I am." She said smiling.

"Yay!" Louis said. "My little Liv bear is going to be a fun addition to the tour."

"Liv bear?" I asked.

"Yeah I won't use that again." Louis said laughing.

"It's okay if you do. It's cute." Olivia said winking at him.

"Before I puke from too much coupley-ness, are we ready to leave?" Chloe asked.

We all pitched in for the bill and we went back to the house. "Let's go swimming!" I said to Chloe.

Chloe's POV:

I got changed into my bathing suit and Harry and I headed toward the ocean. Harry laced his fingers threw mine and I looked up at him and smiled.

"Hey Chlo, there's something I've been wanting to ask you." He said as he stopped and looked into my eyes.


"Do you want to go on tour with us?" He asked nervously.

I froze. I mean yes, Harry is amazing and it'd be great to spend more time with him and the boys, but one, I hate flying and there'd be a lot of it and two, what if this thing with Harry was going too fast and what if it'd all crash and burn within two weeks?

"Harry..." Was all I could manage to get out. "I-I don't know..."

"Don't know what?" He asked softly.

"I mean I hate being away from home, coming here was a huge thing for me." I said looking down. "I only came because Olivia was here and even though she'll be there too I don't think I can. I'm sorry."

"Oh... it's okay, babe. I understand." He kissed my cheek. "Come on. Let's enjoy the beautiful ocean."


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