Days of Summer *CANCELED*

*CANCELED* Olivia and Chloe's summer vacation to Perth did not go as planned when they went to a One Direction concert and thanks to Chloe's clumsiness and a large woman, they get to know the boys with some surprises along the way.


19. Comfortable

Marnie's POV:

I couldn’t believe she had just said that. I got up after Olivia and I ran to my room. I sat on my bed as tears streamed down my face. Liam walked in through the open door. I quickly wiped my tears because I probably already look like mess.

“That was really uncalled for. What Chloe said I mean.” He sat next to me, I looked the other direction. “Marnie please look at me.”

I looked at him and he smiled as he wiped away the rest of the tears on my face.

“I’m sorry you have to see me like this. Most people don’t. I usually hide away until I can cover my emotions from everyone else.” I said looking him in the eye.

“Then I should feel honored that you’re comfortable enough around me to show your emotions.” Liam said with a sweet smile. I couldn’t help but smile a little. “There’s that lovely smile of yours.” He said smiling more. He started to lean in and so did I. Our lips met and I got tingles down my spine. We pulled away and I was grinning like a ninny.

Chloe’s POV:

I sat there with tears falling down my face and then after about a minute of everyone staring at me I ran out the door heading to the only place I could be alone. When I got to the stream I collapsed and started to sob. About five minutes later I heard footsteps behind me. I turned to see Harry.

“Hey.” He said sitting next to me.

“Hi.” I looked down at my fingers.

“You okay?” He asked scooting closer to me.

“Not really.”

“Would a hug help?”

“Maybe.” I smirked a bit.

“Okay I’ll go get Niall.” He said laughing.

“I’d rather have a hug from you.” I blushed.

“Oh would you now?”

“Yes I would.” I flung myself at him and wrapped my arms around his warm torso.

“It’ll be okay, Chlo.” He rubbed my back.

“Is that my new nickname?” I kind of liked the way it sounded with his cute accent.

“If you want it to be, but if you don’t too bad I’m calling you that anyway.” I looked up and looked into his emerald-like eyes and I pressed my lips to his.

We kissed for about a minute but it felt like five seconds. We sat with his arms wrapped around me until it got dark.

“We should head back.” Harry said standing up and offering his hand to me, I took it.

We walked back hand in hand. When we got back Marnie and the boys were in the theater room (yes we have a movie theater in the house).

“Don’t worry Louis and Olivia are still upstairs probably having some fun.” Marnie said smirking.

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